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The world’s technological aspect is growing at a very rapid rate with computers playing a vital role in this development process. Computers have enabled its users to execute a wide range of tasks with ease. This has led to computerization of almost every activity hence increasing the demand of computer skills. Although computers are very popular, the technical personnel are scarce. To curb this, more personnel are required to be taught in this field so as to bridge the large gap that exists between the technical personnel and the novice users. This can be achieved by a computer course introduction for the students.

Computer skills will facilitate the students to handle their activities with ease. The course on the basics of a computer will be beneficial to every person in the school. This will give students knowledge how to computerize most of their activities like research, record keeping, and library usage among other uses. With computer knowledge, the students will be able to utilize the ICT infrastructure of the school effectively.

Time is a precious entity we need not to waste. Use of computers saves a lot of time since a computer is able to execute several tasks at a fast speed. Therefore, equipping students with basic computer usage skills will save most of student’s time and they will be able to perform better in the other course. Moreover, computer skills will provide the student with readily available learning resources found on the internet.

Computer skills are essential to everybody in school. This knowledge is beneficial to both the students and the teachers. Knowledge of computers will greatly improve the performance of students in all the courses. It is, therefore, vital for students to acquire these techniques. This can only be achieved by teaching the students how to use a computer, thus a course on introduction to computers should be introduced.


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