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Due to the rise of smart phones, mobile phones are now thought of as tools for communication that were used in the past. The popularity of smartphones has been a result of successful combination of the Internet and entertainment functions, as well as possibility to visit numerous websites. Out of these, Facebook has been the most sensational so far. That is why in recent years, lots of companies have used Facebook for the purposes of Internet marketing. Facebook has also been recognized the most buddying and it is one of the most innovative tricks. This may be well-attributed to the fact that it has the advantages of the open application platform, the most representative sample of which was launched back in 2007; fan pages and commercial marketing platforms to be used by for-profit or non-profit organizations as well as enterprises according to their own needs. This commercial marketing platform enables users to post messages. Consequently, the results show that the average corporate fan page has more than 10,000 fans. This serves a powerful attraction of users. Therefore, it has been rightfully recognized the most comprehensive marketing tool.


The greater the growth of the populations that use the Internet, the greater will be the demand for the quality marketing platforms. Users need to be updated from time to time by site administrations, because the site may enrich its content or enhance its security. This leads to improvement of the quality of fan pages. It stimulates consumers' willingness to buy.

The word-of-mouth Internet reputation affects the consumer greatly. Before the purchase, he or she usually advances the Internet search since consumers tend to share their opinions. This is how the network of many people is used for reference. Overall, the better is the word of mouth reputation; the more likely it is to affect the purchase intention.

Another important factor is the brand image. Creation of a proper brand image is a long-term and arduous task. If the corporate brand image has been well-designed, then consumers will secure their production and products. Besides, the quality of confidence will increase, the purchase risk will reduce, and consumers will become more likely to actually purchase.

P.4 Rheingold (2000) defines the virtual community as a group of people engaged in the public discussion with each other on the Internet over a period of time. This community is emotional enough to form the network of human relationships. It is a new type of social organization characterized by the following four features: freedom of expression, lack of centralized control, many-to-many communication, and members of voluntary behavior. In 2007, Facebook launched its "fan page" on a huge social platform in order to allow participants to take the initiative to join, as well as to support the concept of cohesion for users with similar interests or philosophy. The latter has been achieved through issuance of a document as well as assessment of the message of the theme through "Like".

P.6 The Information and Service Quality function of websites allows users to feel the accuracy of the information, as well as to display the extent of their feeling. Enterprise website developers should try to improve the quality of site information services through setting up a customer first. Websites should be service-oriented and should have high-quality content. This will help consumers to enhance their willingness to purchase products. Playfulness function: modern websites attach increasing importance to affecting consumer perception through the potential of fun and entertainment. Prospects of experiencing pleasure and positive emotions are rather important from the marketing perspective, thus the value of pleasure. Satisfactory customer experience is not only the result of external access to the shopping experience; it is also the result of the fun the customer gets while purchasing. Importantly, the website design shall contain the functionality to attract customers and to help customers to understand the product. This will result in further trading behavior and further improvements in the design of this site in order to attract more customers to the company.

P.7 Sender's Expertise: importantly for this product purchase experience, the seller should have necessary expertise, knowledge of the product, and related capabilities. Experts, well-trained and highly experienced, should operate so that it will be possible to measure their degree of professionalism.

Receiver's Expertise: refers to the probability of the recipient’s making a good purchase, as well as his or her purchase experience or product knowledge. The receiver uses his or her own knowledge to determine the authenticity of the product and receive information quickly without making use of the word-of-mouth information. Using the word-of-mouth data will reduce the degree of acceptance.

Ties Strength refers the relationship between the sender and receiver. It is affected by the word-of-mouth information about the consumer behavior.

Word-of-Mouth Strength refers to the message being strong, persuasive by tone, and subject to the impact of certain factors as well as people's opinions and attitudes.

Getting rid of the past reputation may occur only through the spread of word-of-mouth information between face-to-face acquaintances, consumers in the network who write reviews about the product, and the essence of the message itself whose content may be measured and used (Godes and Mayzlin, 2004).

P.9 In this study, Dodds, Monroe, and Grewal (1991) measure the possibility to purchase a product.

P.12 Descriptive statistical analysis: understanding the structure and composition. The case study sample contains respondents’ gender, age, education level, occupation, and the mode of behavior; through this analysis one will understand patterns of respondents' community use and distribution.

Reliability of Research Variables: a scale is needed to measure the degree of consistency or stability while detecting Cronbach's α measure and determining the internal consistency between the items. Cronbach's alpha coefficient values, which greater than 0,7 are preferred. However, in the field of the social science research, from 0,6 to 0,7 is also an acceptable range.

Structural Equation Modeling: In this study, structural equation modeling has been used to explore the causal relationship between the research model variables using statistical software AMOS18.0. The path to test the correlation coefficient is significant; this test will help to validate the hypothesis.

P.19 Follow-up study questionnaire items should be modified to collect the number of samples and questionnaires on the Internet. The study is expected to be based on 300 distributed questionnaires, in particular on the analysis of their results, as well as some suggestions given for fan pages operated by the industry.

Just as the background research, economic development, consumer habits and lifestyle gradually changed, the delivery company has become an important service industry. In addition, the delivery industry is highly competitive since it needs to attract consumers. So they provide more diversified delivery services.

The 2012 survey pointed out that the National College boarders in Taiwan (about 60 million people) have extensive luggage sending needs (nearly 50% of the students send luggage). Hence, whenever the end of term comes, the luggage frequency significantly increases among the college students. Therefore, the delivery companies in this study aim to explore the opportunity of sending up the college students’ luggage.

Those college students who are about to choose a delivery company, consider whether it has a positive brand image. In relation to this, some scholars have pointed out that the establishment of corporate brand image as a tool to enhance value in the future is becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the study by Hsu-yung Yang (2008) into the nature of brand image shows that certain significant relationships affect the purchase intention. Therefore, the study will examine whether the quality of the delivery companies brand image will affect the willingness of college students to send luggage and increase their motivations.

Many delivery companies make efforts to attract consumers. Many marketing practices, therefore, increase consumers' willingness to buy. Ching-hua Yu (2011) proposed that promotional enterprise marketing activities should be organized in the short term to attract consumers’ gaze. So the delivery companies, in this study, organize the promotional activities related to the student baggage delivery service in such a way that they will affect consumers' willingness to buy and raise their overall motivation.

In another study, it has been found that efficiency and convenience are important factors that impact what consumers ultimately want. Specifically, Berry, Seiders and Grewal (2002) assert that the general consumer preference for convenience impacts the choice of goods and services. Therefore, convenience affects consumers’ willingness to buy. This study has also examined whether an increase in home delivery service convenience influences consumers' willingness to buy. They found it to be the last motivation.

This research references the study by Dodds, Monroe and Grewal (1991). They suggest considering the two dimensions that affect customers’ will to buy. One of them is receiving recommendations from others.


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