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Video game console called Xbox has changed in technology from the time of manufacture up to date. Microsoft released Xbox on November 15, 2001, in North America then on February 22, 2002 in Japan and on March 14, 2002 in Europe and Australia. The manufacture of Xbox marked the entry of Microsoft in gaming console market. In November 2002, Microsoft invented new technology, which allowed users to have an access of online Xbox services. Players played games online at their local homes and offices. Microsoft improved the operating system with respect to technological changes. From the past to present, operation, application and use of Xbox has changed and know users enjoy the efficiency and easy usage.


The change in technology for the use of Xbox marks the success in the market because the system has high demand to the game players. The release of the first Xbox took place on November 15, 2001. After one year, Microsoft lunched live services, which enabled games players to play online at their homes or offices (Mac, 2012). Introduction of online services made the device popular. Xbox’s best selling game (Halo 2) release took place in November 2004. The game became popular due to online live play at Xbox lives. In November 2004, Xbox 360 succeeded Xbox. Xbox discontinuation took place in 2005, in Japan because of poor sales. Discontinuation also took place in late 2006, in Europe and 2007 in America still due to poor sales. Madden NFL 09 was the last game in America and PlayStation 2 was the last in Europe. Discontinuation of live support took place on April 15, 2010 (Halter, 2006).

Xbox enabled players to use hard disk drive to store downloaded games from Xbox live. This made things easy for the players because it eliminated the use of memory cards. The users could download songs from CDs to hard drive and use the songs for custom soundtracks in games. The device featured Dolby Interactive Content- Encoding Technology. Xbox uses PC hardware, which is larger because of bulky loading DVD-ROM. Technology safety features included breakaway cables, which prevented pulling of the console from the resting surface.  Many hard disk changes occurred in order to discourage hackers (Huang, 2008).  Xbox has a controller which features two analog sticks, two analog trigger, sensitive directional pad, start button and two accessory slots. The users can insert an 8 MB memory card to the controller and copy games to the hard disk. The devise has a standard AV cable which enables users to connect video, monaural or stereo audio to Television. It runs a custom operating system believed to be modifies from Window 2000. Users can also use Xbox with XBMC as a media centre. Alternative operating systems, which can be used, include Xbox Linux, FreeBSD, Window CE, Window XP and React OS (Johnson and Mackenzie, 2011).


Technology changes take place each day in the world. As a result, Xbox has undergone many changes, which assisted in market penetration. Many users have liked the services and recommended the use of Xbox rather than other game console.


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