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Routing information protocol is an interior gateway protocol and straight-forward distance-vector algorithm and operation mechanism that work well most of the time. The main problems with RIP are given as routing loops, convergence, counting to infinity and small infinity. The basic algorithm of the RIP is slow to achieve the convergence. It gets a long time to get the same information for all routers. This slow convergence problem is more pronounced when it comes to the propagation of route failures. Larger loops existing can create problems and RIP has no special mechanism to detect or prevent the routing loops. Other drawback that are present in RIP include the following

  • No direct network support
  • Bandwidth consumptive
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  • Difficult diagnosis
  • Weak security
  • Width distribution

To resolve these drawbacks in the RIP we require the protocols which address the RIP shortcomings and is best suited for the large dynamic networks. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is the link-state algorithm and tells the world about neighbors. OSPF has a specific list of messages called the Link-State advertisement (LSAs). These LSAs allows the all routers to update each other about the WAN and LAN networks. When a change is made in the networks these LSAs flow between routers and change is stored in topology database in memory. When routers receive the internetwork traffic that is needed to be forwarded towards the destination end node, then they use the topology database to calculate the best routes through tables using internet. In contrast to RIP that sends its link state information after every 30 seconds but OSPF can send small messages whenever any change is detected.

From the administrator side who manages the variety of networks it is examined that OSPF has become the most popular interior routing protocol in these days. Therefore the OSPF for any new network is highly recommended based on its flexibility, popularity and fast convergence.


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