Free «Cover Panel Technical Report» Essay Sample

This report is based on the Dan's Landscape and shows us the process to bring the beauty on landscape.

Background color used in this page is gold. Its back ground color has very close resemblance to gold color so it looks very good to viewers. It also looks very attractive when a picture of flowery plants is placed in the centre of this page. Overall page layout is landscape but the concerned part of the brochure has portrait layout. Different font styles are used on this page to present the wording as "Dan's Landscape" on the page is written in Comic Sans Ms. for the text "contact information" the font style used is Calibri. Picture consists of flower plants and it is in rectangle shape that has focused upon the Clark country landscape.

This picture makes the people interested in gardening to know the collection of the different flowery plants. The contact information is given as (360) 521-1906 that clarifies the whole earth as it is round shaped and having 360 angles. The 521-1906 takes us to the start year and end year. The wordings used are very symbolic and meaningful. The Clark country's landscape can be transformed has very attraction for the people who love natural beauty. The information is only about the name of landscape and contact information about the landscape.

This report is about the information of the landscapes where the people change the natural outlook by applying different techniques to bring these changes. A cover panel does not require the simple formatting; many text and pictures of different styles are placed on it.


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