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Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the highest-level medical examiner of Richmond at the Commonwealth of Virginia, researches the series of sexually motivated crimes. Single, divorced, brave and independent forty-aged woman performs challenging and ambitious job, what is unnatural for woman in this mysterious story. Each of four female victims was stalked, raped, tortured and strangled in their own bed in fearful way. (Cornwell, n.d).

Traditional gender-based stereotypes show us here heroine’s efforts to find serial killer. Cornwell (February 19, 2012) states that Kay is like Sherlock Holmes, a competent woman of strong will, who searching the truth, despite all obstacles, goes for interviews with eyewitnesses, even if it is risky. Hard-working Scarpetta is intelligent, witty, passionate, but emotional and sensitive in her approach to the investigation of the serial murders.

Maniac appears randomly always at night on Saturday mornings. Kay has two male assistants in her authority, Pete Marino and Benton Wasley, who cooperates with her to reveal the line of serial crimes (Cornwell, 1990). The role of male is inactive and hidden as well as the killer. Supposedly, he is an ordinary young man, who holds common position. But he needs attention of women, and that’s why he begins to find victims and kill them. After crime commitment “Mr. Nobody” became more popular and powerful, because everybody in the city was afraid of the mysterious and unknown killer.

Patricia Cornnwell, the author of powerful and emotional Postmortem, is one of the most successful female crime writers in the world, who created totally new genre in criminology. Well-known author writes in unpredictable way that keeps a reader to guess and grabs his interest (Cornwell, 2008).

It’s awesome, absolutely thrilling, well written, bestselling novel that capture our attention from the very beginning and keep a reader turning the pages one by one!


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