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Life can be approached from different perspectives depending on how someone perceives different issues and circumstances. A person’s life will be governed by various variables that may impact positively or negatively to bring about some degree of change that could either be temporal or permanent. Taking a closer look at one of best selling authors, J.K Rowling, we can clearly discern the importance of having talent in specific fields that could lift one from rags to riches within a considerable time frame. In this scenario, Rowling is and has always been known to be the best selling author due to her skillful talent in writing fantasy stories that tend to catch the attention of millions of readers. In this regard, we can define talent as skills that someone possesses naturally and in most cases is born with them. These skills enable one to venture in some things that may seem so hard to other people yet they manage them however difficult the situation may be. As such, J.K Rowling was a woman who from birth had always had the talent of writing which made her prosper as she grew up. This is evident from the fact that she used to write stories and narrated them to her siblings who were captivated by them. This formed a good and stable foundation for the author who has succeeded over the years in her writing career.

Though from a humble background, Rowling was a woman who always had the spirit of writing and composing stories for various genres. Her talent in writing served as the main ingredient to her biggest success because within a span of around five years, she was in a position to uplift herself socially and financially. The author gained recognition all around the globe. All this could be attributed to the simple fact that the talent can enable one do wonders and positively move on in life no matter where one began from. Rowling wrote various books but the Harry potter series are among the best. These books contain imaginative stories that engross the reader into the book with the urge of wanting to know more and read on. Most of these ideas as documented were derived from various sources by the author who compiled them to come up with several story lines. For instance, the author is said to have gained some ideas from her trips around the world.

J.K Rowling’s success is attributed to her ability of writing good books that sell immensely around the world. One of the main reasons why the author became so successful was her ability to effectively and skillfully target the right audience for her books. This is due to the fact that she paid attention to children’s stories which were on demand that point in time. Harry potter series have also been produced in the form of films, which has aided to catch the attention of people who may not be positive about the idea of reading books. This has to a great extent, improved the coverage of Harry potter series which seem to gain more and more popularity as years pass by. This is due to creative writing talent of Rowling that incorporates imaginative ideas that draw readers’ attention to a world of fantasy, which seem interesting and captivating for most young readers.

Basing judgment on measurement of someone’s talent, we can truly say that J.K Rowling has been a perfect example of this virtue. This is mainly because, over the years, she has been able to climb the ladder of success with the help of her own talent. It is not a fact tied to issues of family prestige or wealth, but the author was able to work hard to see her career going up. Similarly, as intellectually upright human beings, we should always be very cautious of what our talents are. This is because most individuals possess powerful skills and talents but tend to be ignorant and do absolutely nothing in putting such skills into fruitful ventures or practice.

Arguing whether life is totally made of success or talent, I would say that each of the aspects work hand in hand to wholly constitute life. This is because in some instances, it is talent that may bring about success and reverse may also be true. Therefore, it is important to clearly comprehend the definite and precise meaning of talent and success. Ever since time immemorial, it has been a known fact that talent is an inborn virtue though can be acquired in some special cases whereas success has always been linked to personal achievement and accomplishment especially through the rigorous process of self actualization.


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