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Mark Twain, a prolific American writer and journalist, born on November 1835 in Florida, was the father of literature development in America(Lenard 4). His real name is Samuel Langhome. He obtained his nickname “mark twain” in his youth days when he served as a pilot’s assistant on the Mississippi river and this name means the minimal depth for vessels to pass. Being a writer for Twain is like being a pilot on the vessel, he must deliver the guests to the final destination. He used humor, realism, satire and naturalism in most of his books to bring the poor class in the limelight. According to Ernest Hemmingway, Mark Twain was the first real American writer (Lenard 12).

Before moving to Nevada in the West due to the civil war, he lived with his family at Hannibal, Missouri. He describes this town in his novels, The Adventure of Tom Sawyer and Adventure of Huckleberry Finn. The tribulations he faced at the camp are covered in his works. The letters he wrote about his travel became extremely popular as short stories in America (Gertlund 10). He ended up writing books on ethics which addressed issues such as hypocrisy, nobility and murder in the society. Due his sensitivity, some of his works had to be forbidden by America censor. For instance, his novel, A Misterious Stranger(Kiskis 23).Unlike most writers who made their writing high and florid, Twain employed realistic American colloquial speech (Railton 21). Through his books, he was able to reveal the differential, full of bright humor slang and the struggle of prejudice. He used realism to express feelings and reveal the truth to his readers. This is evidenced in his novel, Advetures of Hackleberry Finn.

Twain was the source of inspiration to many writers of the 19 century not only in American but also in the whole world. He symbolized freedom of choice for a writer whether to write about ordinary or rich and famous people. He introduced the slang speech of poor Americans, as well as the speech of slaves, into American literature. He brought the problems of the poor in the spotlight and moreover, dared to raise the problem of slavery in America. 


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