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In her book, Everybody Needs a Rock, Byrd Baylor exhibits children essay that exemplifies the appreciation of the nature of rocks. It is a typical children story which outlines the essence of rock existence. There is an optimization of a rock as an imperative piece of possession throughout the story. The author typifies humor to maintain the touch with her readers. Her story offers invigorating insight to the Earth Science, a virtue that should be upheld in the current society.

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I would recommend the using of this book in a classroom science lesson. It can be applied to illustrate the skill of concentration when analyzing aspects of nature. The author unveils exposure to different traits of nature in a fascinating manner. She spells out that nature attributes can be noted well only when one is keen. The writer recounts, “Bend over, even more. You may have to sit down on the ground with your head almost touching the ground. You have to look at the rock right in the eye. Otherwise, do not blame me if someone cannot find a good one” (Baylor).The book can form a context of explaining the different attributes of rocks, and even the importance of geology. The author argues that rocks are unique.

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The book falls into the Earth and Space science strand. It highlights prominence on the nature and characteristics of rocks. The book is specifically useful in learning about rocks and their color, size, and texture in geology as a part of the Earth science.

Everybody Needs a Rock, is a classical piece of literature that can help teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills to children. The simple diction of the story can be a baseline for a learning child. It can help to develop an appreciation for earth and geological science. The book can also enhance learning of practical skills for children.

Byrd Baylor is an outstanding author who has written various works before. She is an exemplary writer whose literature has been an invaluable model to children, parents, and teachers. Some of the other books she has written include: When Clay Sings and The Way to Start a Day

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