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Janell Cannon’s book, Stellaluna, is an excellent informative reading on the different traits of animals within an ecosystem. The author depicts the different characteristics of birds and bats and their co-existence in an ecosystem through a humorous story of a bat that finds itself within a bird family after surviving an attack by an owl.

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This is the book that I would recommend for science lessons use. The story clearly explains the traits of birds and bats. This can be exceptionally informative to a science class. It can help students to learn on behavioral characteristics of animals within an ecosystem. The organisms interrogate a bat about its uncharacteristic behavior, “Ah, but you are a bat. Bats normally hand by their feet, but you are hanging by your thumbs, so that makes you look upside down!” But the bat said, “I’m a bat, which is why I am hanging down using my feet. That makes me exactly right side up” (Cannon). This excerpt gives an overview of the traits of bats and their distinction from birds.

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The story falls into the Organisms and Environments science strand. The main composition is the reference from an ecosystem set-up which is full of bats, birds, and other creatures. Cannon recounts, “In an earnest, hot and humid forest far, there once lived a mother fruit bat and her new baby. The Mom bat loved her baby.” The extract provides a setting of an organism environment. The story explores the co-existence between bats and birds. Moreover, it teaches about the different traits each organism depicts.

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This book ranks as a top literary work and can help teach the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The author adopts a straight and captivating style to tell her story which is indispensable in capturing the attention of her readers. Thus, the students can identify the main needs of animals to survive and some stages the insects suffer during the cycle of their lives. The book can also promote children’s appreciation to the learning of the Organism and Environments science.

Cannon is a first rate author whose literature has become fundamental for children’s learning. Her famous books are Harcourt and Fuzz Head as well. Her stellar literary works continue to inform the education in the current society.

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