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In her book, Thunder Cake, Patricia Polacco covers both the elementary arithmetic’s class and environmental studies relatively well in an exceptionally creative and attention drawing way. The author narrates the way her grandmother encouraged her to “view thunder as a prediction of rain, and not be panicked” (Polacco). The little girl copes with her fear of thunders by preparing the ingredients for the Thunder cake which should be ready till the storm starts. The writer uses this example to make the young readers understand the concept of the story.

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This book can be useful in both science and elementary mathematics classroom lessons. The author relates that “to estimate how soon it will rain, you count the numbers one to ten” (Polacco). In a science lesson on weather conditions, telling this story will assist the student to keep in mind whatever the teacher says for a longer period.

This book falls into the Earth and Space science strand. It brings about the science involved in weather changes. It becomes clear for children that the less period between the lightning and the thunder is, the closer storm is to their place. Thus, at first we see the lightning on the sky, then, we hear the thunder, and later it starts raining. It is also a good story for using in an arithmetic class for elementary school children due to the children are more likely to remember measuring the distance the storm is away from the counting of seconds.

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This book can be useful in teaching several Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Among them are computing skills and weather issues which are particularly valuable and apply to a human’s everyday life. Moreover, it can teach children to explain and predict the natural phenomena, describe, observe, and illustrate such sky objects as the clouds, thunder, and lightning. The fact that the story can easily attract the attention of the learner makes it possible for this knowledge to be absorbed in the child’s mental faculty.

Patricia Polacco is a renowned author who has published other equally creative books. Some of them are The Grave Goes Camping, Mommies Say shh, and G for Goat.

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