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Horus is an Ancient Egyptian god, and is considered to be one of the oldest and the most important deities in the religion of the Ancient Egypt. He has been worshiped since the late Pre-dynastic period up to the Greco-Roman times. Some Egyptologists have described and recorded different forms of Horus in the history of the Kingdom, and they have also treated each embodiment of the god as different gods. In the 25th century B.C., one of the earliest recorded stories told about Horus who was a falcon, and an official patron god of the Nekhen, and was the first national god in the Upper Egypt. There is also a wide spread popular story about Horus, which I will focus on in this essay, which described Horus as a son of Osiris and Isis. Osiris was the most worshiped, and one of the oldest gods in Ancient Egypt. He was considered to be the god of afterlife; and this made him one of the most revered gods. This is because in Ancient Egypt, the afterlife was considered to be a more important thing as compared to the actual life, since the ancient Egyptians respected the dead greatly, and commonly referred them as being the “living ones”. Isis was a daughter of two gods; Nut and Geb; she was considered to be a perfect Egyptian wife and mother. This made her to be considered as an ideal mother. This is very symbolic, and she was referred to as the mother of every pharaoh in Ancient Egypt.

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Horus served a great number of duties and functions in the Egyptian mythology; but he was commonly termed as the god of both protection and war, or the god of the sky. According to all the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians, this god was considered to be the role model for all rulers of the Kingdom of Egypt. People thought their pharaohs, who were their leaders at that time, to be a living embodiment of Horus. Horus was also considered to be the god of the sun, the light, young men, war, law, and all the rulers. Horus was the sky god; even his look proves this, his right eye was the sun, and his left eye was the moon, and they traversed the sky as he flew across it. In the Ancient Egypt, the tale of how Horus’s eyes became the moon and the sun was often explained to have originated in the 3000 B.C., when Set, who was the god of the Upper Egypt, and Horus, who was the Lower Egypt patron, had brutally battled for the control over Egypt with no side seeming to win. At last, other gods had to intervene, and they sided with Horus. When Horus won the battle, he became “Horus the Great”; the name was later translated as Horus the Elder. In the struggle between the two gods, Set and Horus, Set lost his testicle, and this explained the infertility of the Egyptian desert, which he represented. Horus’s left eye was gouged out in the battle, and it became the moon, as it was very weak as compared to the sun, which was his right eye.

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Horus is one of the archetypes, as Osiris, Isis, and Horus are archetypes who represent cosmic dynamics and global functions, and they developed as a result of the connection with other real human beings who were strongly associated with these archetypes. These archetypes reflect the notion of a Father, a Mother, and a Son, and were commonly termed as the “Holy family” and they are believed to be the first incarnations of the Christian Holy Family. Osiris is both the Heavens Vault and the body, which reflects the human passage vault. The ship of stars, or the merkabah, is the body-vault and is subjectable to the corporeal. Isis is a principle mother who is both reflective, and has generative modalities because she is not earth bound, and her mothership is believed to be a star seed, which was planted in the fertile delta of the earthen potency. She managed to retrieve her husband’s 14 dismembered body parts except his penis, which had been eaten by a catfish. The goddess used her powers to resurrect Osiris, and create a new phallus for him to conceive their son. Set, her brother, was very jealous, and killed Osiris. The goddess was made to flee to the Nile Delta, where she bore her divine son, Horus. Isis was believed to be very powerful since she managed to bring together the dynamic patterns and the star fields in the cosmos.

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Horus is considered to be the Son of the Suns, because he is the Eye of the creator, and he develops the contact, which exist between the creature and the creator. This can be done from different perspectives, which are beheld in the Eye of Horus, and are further translated into Mathematic functions. Haru is another pronunciation of Horus used in Egyptian, which actually means Falcon, and the translation is, “He who is above, over something”. Horus was represented as a man who had a falcon’s head, and the Eye of Horus was an Ancient Egyptian symbol of power, which was first seen on the images of his mother. This eye of Horus was a symbol of subsequent restoration, and it acted as a very important power in the Ancient Egypt, and was commonly used in the renewal funerary rites after person’s death. The Eye is a common archetypal imprint, which can be seen by the mankind and has specific archetypal characteristics and features, like its shape being oval, the presence of the iris and the pupil.

There are rituals, which are commonly related to Horus. In Ancient Egyptian, these rituals were very ritualistic and complex, and they involved ceremonial activities, which happened on a daily basis. They aimed at celebrating the Divinity of the God. Most of these rituals were synchronized with natural events, which were interwoven with the mythology complex. Egypt’s ways to worship gods were very unique, and the Pharaoh was considered to be the only high priest in the whole Kingdom of the Ancient Egypt, and was also a representative of the gods and the goddesses; the royal festivals were ways of strengthening the Pharaoh’s prestige and the whole power of the Ancient Egypt. In the nocturnal rituals, it was a kind of netherworld rehearsal where Osiris was considered to be the prototype of fertility, which was renewed and rejuvenated by the Eye of Horus, which had allowed him to escape the second death and spiritualized him as an eternal being. There were also Diurnal rituals, which were the rehearsals of life, and they took place in the temples, only in cases when there were evidences of celebration of life, and in need to thank the Pharaoh, and glorify the archetypal ideas of the planets and the stars.

The god Horus is believed to be closely related to the Christian myths, as Horus was the embodiment of divine wisdom, goodness, purity and truth, just like Jesus Christ. Horus was considered to be a great hero who lived in the Ancient Egypt and in the minds of people; he was not a human since he was the one, who was able to perform miracles. This suggests that the lives of Horus and Jesus were very similar, and the beliefs that were created in Ancient Egypt, were later transformed. Today, they are practiced by different Christian communities. Jesus, just like Horus, was also termed as a chief cornerstone of the Temple of the New Religion; on the other hand, Horus was considered to be a cornerstone of the pyramid, and was also believed to be the savior of the mankind. Horus was the son of solar deities. Osiris, his father, was termed as the setting sun, and Horus was considered to be the rising sun. Jesus was also named the morning star and the rising sun. Another similarity, Jesus’ adversary is called Satan, just like the adversary of Horus, who was called Set.

This analysis shows us that the society that we are living today in, is still having the same believes that existed in the times of the god Horus. It is obvious that Horus and the beliefs around this Egyptian God influenced the life and rituals used by the mankind today.

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