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James Joyce was from Dublin, Ireland. Born in the year 1882, his first publication was “Portrait of the Artist” in 1916. With “Ulysses”, Joyce became a literary celebrity. His prose was a landmark in making legal decisions on obscenity.

Right from his childhood days, Joyce showed extreme intelligence and a passion for literature. He learnt Norwegian, all by himself to read plays in that language. He is considered as a very influential novelist and poet.

His work has always been under high scrutiny by other contemporary literary people.

His work “Ulysses” has been termed as “a demonstration and summation of the entire Modernist Movement".

“In God We Trust” – Flash Fiction

Anyone could see from his features that he was a tourist. He had a camera around his neck, a water bottle and a tote bag.

The man was sitting in a relaxing way in the balcony of his room, sipping lemonade. He was reading a magazine, but I could observe that his mind was lost in thoughts, because he had not turned the page for last five minutes.

He said, “Thank You”, and gave me a casual look, when I served him his breakfast. His face seemed very familiar to me, but I could not place him. Suddenly, it dawned on me that he was the stranger who had saved my life, when I had smashed my car. I ran back to his table, only to find no sight of him. I removed the breakfast plate and found a note and his tip.

The note said:  “I am lifelong indebted to you. On the night when you had the car accident, I was on my way to rob a bank. The incident of saving your life brought me face to face with my conscious. I now live an honest and happy life. I will be thankful to you for my whole life. Remain safe and happy always! Mr. John.”

I suddenly started shivering. The night when I had met with the car accident, I was on my way for an interview in a cheap dance club. Experiencing the human kindness with which a strange man saved my life, turned my way of looking at life and brought faith back into my life.
I opened the tip he had left for me. Among the pennies I found a grand with a pen mark with a statement “In God We Trust”. I said a silent prayer for him and went back to my work.


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