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Dante was one of the most prolific Italian writers. His greatest work was the Divine Comedy, which talks about his journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. His other works include The Banquet, Monarchia, On the Eloquence of Vernacular, and The New Life.

These works have had an immense influence on different individuals around the globe.

This paper explicates the influence of Dante’s works. In addition, the paper compares Dante’s style of writing to Flannery O’Connor’s style of writing and works.

Research indicates that Dante’s works played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the world of comedy (Baur 120). Most individuals around the globe are enthusiastic readers of comedy items and his other fascinating works. Dante’s description of his journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise is presented as a comedy hence helping individuals get the understanding of the life after death nature in the most relieved manner. This work immensely influenced the world of comedy by bringing in a new form of comedy that is highly informative about the expected happenings in the future lives of individuals. This new form of comedy was significant because it helped relieve any anxieties that existed among individuals. This means that Dante’s works influenced the manner in which literary works were supposed to be presented within society. This led to the understanding that comedy can be used to pass significant information among individuals in society. Dante’s influence on comedy made it easier for individuals to get an in depth understanding of the poems that he wrote. Therefore, it became easier for individuals to derive meaning from the poems that he wrote on different topics.

In addition, Dante’s works influenced language and the development of literacy in Europe. It is vital to note that Dante presented his works in other different languages apart from Latin. He wrote his works in liturgical, historical, and the scholarship language. This allowed more literature to be published in languages that many individuals around Europe understand hence increasing the urge of reading among individuals. The influence of these works on language allowed the expansion and understandability of different languages among individuals all over Europe. The expansion of languages promoted the rate at which languages grew all over Europe. Additionally, the growth of languages gave individuals the urge to read more and understand the different works that Dante had presented. This played an instrumental role in influencing the levels of literacy among individuals. Most people got access to reading different works hence reducing the levels of illiteracy significantly. The comedies that Dante wrote in the form of poems enabled individuals get a deeper understanding of the growing languages and improve on their reading skills. This resulted in increased literacy levels among individuals.

Dante’s works influenced the rate at which people accepted and appreciated literary works. Research indicates that Dante was exceptional in his presentation of poetry relating to different issues. He wrote different poems relating to religion, leadership, and other general occurrences in the life of society. Diversification and presentation of quality work enabled individuals in Italy and other parts of Europe understand the nature of poems and their significance. The understandability of poetry ensured that there was effective change and preparation for occurrences in society. For instance, his work the Divine Comedy enabled individuals to understand the occurrences after death (Baur 139). Dante used his own example in the presentation of the experiences in Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The understandability of poetry enabled individuals to realize the fact that poetry can be used to bring change in society. People embraced poetry and its different aspects gradually, hence ensuring the significant development of the entire subject. Therefore, it is vital to note that Dante’s work had an immense influence on the growth of overall poetry in Italy and other parts of Europe. This also boosted the acceptability of poetry as a core part that could help in the revolution of society.

Dante’s style of writing is similar to Flannery O’Connor’s style of writing in the sense that they both reflect their Roman Catholic orientations. Both writers rely on the presentation of vital details using their Roman Catholic faith. For instance, Dante presents his experiences relating to Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise using his Roman Catholic view. Similarly, O’Conner presents most of her works basing on her strong belief in the Roman Catholic Church. This similarity in the writing styles of these two authors is indicative of the belief that literature can influence religion significantly. The similarity also shows that they are believers and would use their belief in revolutionizing the world of poetry (Robillard 17).

On the other hand, Dante’s style of writing differs from O’ Connor’s style of writing because they adopt different methods in passing their information across. Dante specialized in the use of poems in passing vital information to members of society. He wrote poems that could be understood easily by individuals, hence ensuring that the key points were taken. On the other hand, O’ Connor presents vital information to individuals using short stories (Robillard 112). These different writing styles imply that literature is extremely diverse, and an individual can choose the style that would be significant in the presentation of the required information.

In conclusion, Dante and O’Connor were both strong figures in the field of literature. Dante’s works influenced the world of comedy, language and development of literacy levels, and the field of poetry. This boosted growth in reading skills among Italians and other Europeans. Dante’s style of writing is similar to O’Connor’s in the sense that they both incorporate Roman Catholic beliefs. On the other hand, Dante uses poems in the presentation of his information while O’ Connor uses short stories.


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