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Alice Walker's "The Flowers" is an interesting and educative story that revolves around a young girl's abrupt drop from childhood innocence due to her gruesome discovery in the woods near their house. This young girl called Myop is happy and carefree. This paper takes a critical analysis of the story “The Flower” in the context of time frame. In addition, it examines the type of conditions that had been shaped by the social attitudes that Myop faced, and how those same attitudes are reflected in America today. In this story, Myop used to play around their home but, at this particular time, she went to explore the woods alone; however, she had explored it with her mother to gather nuts.

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Myop left the comfort and secure environment of their home for an adventurous trip into the woods. Her adventure led her into the woods where she discovered the remains of a man who seemed to be lynched. Alice Walker dramatically depicts the innocence in a child and how quickly a child can loose her innocence with the recognition of prevalence racial violence experienced in the rural Georgia during racial segregation (Taylor, Flora, & MacKethan, 8). Alice Walker's story "The Flowers" presents the broken social bond in American society at that time. There was unbelievable crime rate coupled with outright racial discrimination. The story "The Flowers” was written in a time when America was experiencing the worst racial violence. It also depicted high level of insecurity in the villages. During this period of time, there was a protagonist rivalry between the whites and blacks which also culminated to widespread insecurity in America.

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The discovery of a lynched man made by Myop at her early age made her develop bad attitude towards the violent social system in the society. The society’s social system was broken, and chills of fear engulfed people as they walked in the countryside. America has changed considerably  from the time of Alice Walker's story "The Flowers". Racial violence, which was highly prevalent at the time when the story was written, has been declining over the years (Lazo, 12). However, there is racial segregation which the American citizen still faces, but it is not as prevalent as it was in the past. This reduction of racial segregation is a societal growth as far as human development is concerned.

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It is prudent to note that the United States of America are still faced with the social problem of racial segregation, insecurity, crime, and violence (Walker, 21). The homeland securities agencies are working around the clock to ensure that American citizens are not only safe but also enjoy equal treatment as documented in the constitution. In this regard, the revelations presented by Alice Walker in her story "The Flowers” have greatly shaped the social life in America. America today is safer than at the time of the story "The Flowers”. However, the development made since the inception of the story does not mean it is absolutely safe. Insecurity is still a major problem the country battles with. This story is quite important not only to Americans but also to the people around the world in their quest to eradicate violence, crime, and racism.

In conclusion, Alice Walker's story "The Flowers" has brought into play a very important topic of racial discrimination, violence, and crime in the society. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the government and the American society to fight these societal evils and make America a safe haven on earth. For peace to prevail, society must embrace good norms which call for everyone’s effort to live in harmony with the others.

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