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The play Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare’s most meticulous pieces, he shows a tragic love story conquered young lovers but at the worst course. The reality in this play is that love is the victor but at nasty cost.Love is naturally critical and important in this play. The play is characterized by romantic love and majorly the great passion that develops at the first sight between Romeo and Juliet. In this play, love is eminently violent, ecstatic and an overwhelming force that surpasses all other societal values, loyalties, and emotions. As the plot proceeds, Romeo and Juliet are forced to defy the society. However, it should be noted that Shakespeare is not interested in depicting a styled-up, dainty version of the emotion (Bladen 41). But he shows an element of love which is violent with overwhelming emotion that engulfs individuals and throws them against themselves and the world. The compelling nature of love is seen in its description in the play. At one point, love is explained in the terms of religion when Romeo and Juliet first meet. However, love changes to a sort of magic: The play Romeo and Juliet does not build any specific ethical statement regarding relationships love and society (Bladen 46). But it rather depicts the turmoil and passion characterized by being in love. This paper takes a critical analysis how suicidal impulse that both Romeo and Juliet exhibit relate to the overall theme of young love. In addition, the paper examines whether Shakespeare believes that the destructive tendency is connected to love.

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Love as a Cause of Violence

The thematic display of death and violence pervade Romeo and Juliet, and they are linked to passion despite the fact that, that passion can either be love or hate. The link between hate, violence, and death looks rather clear. However, the link between love and brutality needs further investigation. In Romeo and Juliet, love is an ostentatious passion therefore it is blinding; it is able to overcome a person completely jus like hate does. The adoring love between Romeo and Juliet is traced from the time of its beginning with death: Tybalt realize that Romeo stopped the feast and is out to kill him immediately Romeo set his eyes on Juliet and falls instantly in love with her. From that moment on, love seems to push Romeo and Juliet closer to the aspect of love and violence. This actually shows tendencies of suicidal aspects in Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet are engulfed with thoughts of suicide, and they are ready to experience it: In the play, Romeo takes out a knife in and threatens to kill himself because he was banished from Verona and his love (Bloom 29). Juliet on the other hand takes out a knife in order to kill her self in the presence of Friar Lawrence’s presence. Capulet decision that Juliet must marry Paris generated an emotional tension which makes Juliet to swear that she is ready to day when forced to marry Paris. The choice to die if the circumstance does not allow them marry each other is the sad choice Romeo and Juliet were willing to take. In this regard, death is the most effective choice of love that Romeo and Juliet can take. It is through death that they feel they can protect their adoring love for each other. In the play, love emerges as an unethical thing, resulting as much to destruction as it is for happiness. On the other hand, in its farthest end, passionate love that Romeo and Juliet embrace become visible so prominently beautiful that few would sincerely overcome its overwhelming power.

Juliet dodges the forces that block her relationship with Romeo by committing suicide (Bloom 23).  She realized that that drinking the potion might result her to madness or to death. Drinking the potion consequently amount to an action which was not common in English culture. This suicidal tendency depicts the bitter side of love. Much of Romeo and Juliet surround young the lovers’ who put an active resistance against public and social institutions that out rightly prohibit the continuation of their love. Romeo and Juliet are torn between the responsibilities and actions required by social set up and those values and norms required by the private wishes of an individual(Shakespeare 78). Towards this, admiration of night couple with its darkness and privacy culminates to their rejection of the prevailing t societal norms and their desire to seek an extremely private desire to marry each other.

Suicidal impulses that both Romeo and Juliet exhibit and their relation to the overall theme of young love

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The discussion presented above on the consequential event which took place and their result. To start with is presented as very powerful in young lovers and towards this; young lovers are wiling to do whatever it takes to defend it. This is seen in the act of killing each other by Romeo and Juliet. Indeed suicidal impulses exuded by Romeo and Juliet relate to the theme of the story.

The Inevitability of destiny

In the play, opening Chorus highlights that Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed. There is sense of misfortune seep into the play. There is a constant encounter omen in the part of Romeo and Juliet. When Romeo has a strong commitment that Juliet is dead and so he cries out. Romeo’s complete attachment to love is sort of blindness since it resulted into death. Inevitable tragedy as a result of blind love among the young lovers depicts the negative aspect of love which the society has not exhaustively discussed and realized it solution.

Shakespeare and the destructive tendency of love

Shakespeare presented love as brutal emotional power which man cannot cope with. Romeo and Juliet decision to take away their life is destructive tendency of love in the play. However, in my opinion this is actual a style to make the play compelling and in real sense Shakespeare does not believe in love as brutal as depicted in the entire play. He looked at love from the ancient lovers’ point of view challenging it from the perspective of a father or a sage. This attests to the fact that He has a wide view of love and could not narrow it to a destructive tendencies a lone.


In conclusion, love is a very important theme in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is characterized by in different forms, for instance, familial and kinship love, fraternal and brotherhood love, sexual love, romantic and true love, as well as healing love. The characters in the play Romeo and Juliet show at least one of these types of loves in the plot. Familial love is depicted in both the two main protagonists that are Romeo and Juliet and their parents. It is clear in the stages in the play when Montague family shows a lot anxiety for their son, Romeo. Romeo was actually obsessed with Rosaline. On other instance, the love between Romeo and his family is depicted as string to an extent that Lady Montague died of grief on noticing that his son was exiled. Juliet’s family, however, gives Juliet a complete act of possession when they decided that she must marry another person rather that Romeo. It is therefore prudent to note that strong love is bind and leads humanity to abyss of destruction. Therefore the aspect of love should be looked into with a great sober mind.

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