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Eli Wiesel is the author of the book known as Night, which he explains the experience he had with his father at the height of the Holocaust. The book also demonstrates various experiences that the author went through during the end of the Second World War.  The Author tries to show the death of God because of the increased inhumanity he experienced. He illustrates that within one night, their enemies destroyed everything that they owned and this was the start of hard life. The author explains that one of his worst experiences is when their enemies killed his father while he was watching. He illustrates that the experience affected his life for a long period.  He took more than ten years being in silence, because he did not have the courage to explain all bad things he saw during the war. During this period, the author explains that he was 16 years of age, too young to offer any help for his deceased father at the time that the enemies killed him. The author also explains that he witnessed the death of his other family members and may people of his community. The book gives a detailed explanation of the deaths that occurred in the camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald.  The book has a very interesting story and the authors experience towards starvation and brutality that they went through is overwhelming.

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The author uses a strident and vengeful tone while explaining the experiences that he witnessed in the war.  The book also depicts to have a somber and serious tone in order to give help the readers get to understand more on what the author intends to illustrate. Throughout the whole story that the author illustrates in the book, he makes sure that he has not employed any jokes. This is because most of the experience that he underwent through depicts acts of inhumanity and the bad things that human beings can be able to do to one another. He explains that many of the acts that occurred were as result of influence by powerful people in the community who held the power. The book illustrates that most of the people who influenced the war only cared for their well-being and financial gains. According to the author, most of the people of his community experienced psychological problems because of the acts they experienced and because of what the enemies did to them. The book illustrates the theme of death throughout the whole story that the author illustrates.  However, the author uses other themes that include faith, survival and perseverance. According to the book, many people died during the period while others were left with serious defects on their body. The book also explains how people go against the moral values of the society while trying to fulfill their anger.

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The author illustrates that on March 1944, the real fight against the Jews started. The Nazi community that was lead by Hitler managed to kill over 560,000 Hungarian Jews. This was the worst experience that the whole European Jews community had ever experienced. The Jews from Hungary were the only jews community that had remained with a well controlled leadership but the killing of members in the community what they had managed to achieve. Many of them became refugees in various parts like in Germany and Poland. The author illustrates that the Jews of his community were the most affected by the killings because only 15 families were left after the Holocaust.  The author was a member of the Sighet community and they were deported to Austchiwtz concentration camp. According to the author, this was one of the most deadly camps in the whole of the European Jewish community. The camp of Austchiwtz was the site of death where more than 1,300,000 deaths occurred. The author indicates that he managed to survive because of lack but experienced the death of his family members.  His father, mother and sister lost their lives in the camp. The Holocaust was the major worst experience according to the author.

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One of the conclusions that readers can depict from the book is about the experience that the Jews went through during the war. The author illustrates that during the period before 1944; most of the Jews from Hungary did not experience various issues that destroyed other Jews community in the whole world. After 1944, the leader of the Nazi party in Germany, Adolf Hitler, who was in power since 1933, started the real fight against the Jews.  The author calls it the real fight because even though the Jews experienced various inhuman acts since Hitler took over the power, they had not experience such a tempting situation that emerged in 1944. The Anti –Jewish legislation was common in Hungary but did not depict any indication of the start of any war.  The Holocaust itself started after 1944 according to the author.

The book is one of the literary works that depicts the occurrence of a real holocaust. The author demonstrates very well about the experience that the Jews went through in the Holocaust. He manages to make the readers understand the effects of engaging in a tribal conflict and in a war. The author manages to give a clear illustration of the psychological consequences that most of the people go through after experiencing various acts of war. The only part that the author did not manage to come out clearly is when explaining the effects of the war using the boy named Eliezer. Although the book give the experience that the author himself went thorough during the Holocaust; he uses the boy named Eliezer to present him. The author does not manage to give clear illustrations while using Elizer. For example, the author indicates that the boy wounds his foot. However, Weisel himself wounded his knee. He could have done it better if he gave the very same occurrences he experienced even when using Elizer.

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