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Rhymed utterance features effective influence. In a sonnet fourteen line vocalizations possess complete story. Some of these stories turn in it with the zig-zag verses – some verses aligned, some less indented and some more. These more or less indents gives an impression of twist in the story of a sonnet. Nevertheless, sonnet as a European originated type of poetry has a story that sounds like a song, but it lets the reader enjoy as well as put a deep impact on him/her.

This essay is also going to explore a rhymed utterance “Cycle sonnet” a sonnet that described charm of Christmas at the same time grief of aging. By its settings this sonnet is quite similar to Shakespeare’s seven stages of life. The reason is the “Cycle sonnet” also looks into the charm of Christmas on each stage of life and at the same time sorrow of loosing another year of life. It is better to probe each line of poem to have more understanding about “Cycle sonnet.”

Synopsis of Cycle sonnet

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The sonnet under investigation is beautifully arranged by the poet. It is coupled with the very attractive start and comprehensive end. Moreover, the body of sonnet has charming memories of life enjoyment of Christmas as well as the aspect of life going to end. Its whole life coverage made it a sonnet for every age audience.

First two lines of “Cycle sonnet” depict the poet’s anxiousness about the coming Christmas as well as apprehension about the loss of another year of life. Its wording of “faster, faster” on the one side gives happiness to the poet that another Christmas a time of enjoyment is here. But, at the same time, the element of sorrow about aging is also there in the mind of poet.  

From second to eleventh line “Cycle sonnet” describes the life stages from childhood to the old age. The utterance of joy and sorrow of new Christmas and lose of one year of life has been represented in the words like “rushing whirling dervish time’s become as bleary-eyed…” denotes that the time of life is going fast and its never looks that what happened and what is to be happened. But, it run fast and every year’s end gives charm of Christmas as well as unhappiness of loosing another year of life.

Moreover, the words in the sonnet shows the speed of time goes on. Its talks about time going on as “through summer’s autumn’s winter’s spring’s…” and “tween years and months and days and hours until the blur becomes the sight itself…” All this wording depicts the life going on with the charm and sorrow in it. At the same time, the sonnet wording clearly shows that it is very fast the days and the seasons going on without having any grief in them.

The eleventh line in brackets clearly embarks that “(those longer hours of youth no longer ours”). This eventually depicts the end of the time where the poet reveals that now at this stage of life there is no longer hours like the longer hours of youth. Therefore, it is going to end the life and the enjoyment of Christmas as well.

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At the last three lines of sonnet “Cycle sonnet” the poet finally ends it up with the joy of Christmas as well as with the mourning of life’s end. The final three lines uttered as “and ev’ry minute dearer for those bells that toll on Christmas morn and ever will as long as breathlessly we breathe until.” That is the final wordings of the sonnet that quite clearly give a picture of the end of life and joy of Christmas at the end of life.

Precisely taking into account the whole sonnet, it evidently defines the journey of life. The step by step passage of life is full of charm and pain.

As the poem is summarized above, the main idea that is depicted from the poem analysis is joy and grief. In the above synopsis of sonnet “Cycle sonnet” the joy refers to the arrival of Christmas and the grief refers to the aging. The poet has been successful by identifying both of the ideas in the poem. At the same time, the use of words in the Hereinafter, collectively this sonnet is a blend of emotions. The emotions which every human being possess. And these emotions are about the life going to its end as well as the joys that are still there till the end of life. But, at the end the grief is that life is not healthy and strong as it was in the child and young age.   

This poem is quite influential by its themes and by its cohesiveness. Its resemblance with the Shakespeare’s seven stages life has made it more prominent. But, it has slight different story in it. Indeed, it describes a life of a person who enjoys the happiness of every new coming Christmas. But, along with the joy, the poet also feels that as years going on it is going to end the life. Blended of emotions made it a very charming but at the same time very grieved poem. Therefore, we can say that it is a poem that has blended ideas. Hereinafter, this is a blended type of poem that has full happiness as well as sorrow loss. As it is discussed before the layout and shape represent the zig-zag verses. These zing-zag verses possess spins in it, and these spins are of life turns. At the same time, the indented lines of sonnet represent the ups and downs in the life. Moreover, the happiness and the pain in the life. Hereinafter the layout and or shape of the sonnet under review are about the life’s stages. The stages mentioned in the sonnet eventually transfer a human being from his childhood to young age and from young age to older age. So, the poem is reflection of human lifespan.

After reading the poem – it has quite charming reflection on the mind. The flow of the rhymes is quite odd. It depicts the idea of the poem in first two lines and then goes uninterruptedly to the eleventh line. It is quite fast flow of lines that describes the stages of human being. And, then, at the end the concluding impression is in the last three lines of the sonnet.

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It depicts a story pattern. Fist two lines comprise introduction and then body comprise on the proceeding eleven lines, and then end comprise on the last three lines. So, it would be not wrong if one say that it is a well managed sonnet written by some good writer.              

Rhythm contractions

On the one hand, fourteen line contractions have portrayed complete two themes or two aspects of life. Even in the contraction form its thought has been delivered completely. For instance, it talked about the happiness of Christmas but at the same time it also raises sorrow on the loss of one year that transferring the human from child to young age and from young age to older age. Therefore, the rhythms have uncovered each aspect of life with the consideration of contraction of its fourteen lines.

On the other hand, it can also be noticed that poet’s style and approach of writing as well as world choice like “another Christmas comes around e’en” has shorter form of writing from start of poem, in the middle of poem and at the end of poem. The whole poem has contraction like exampled above.   

Figurative language used like symbol, metaphor, simile, allusion, contradictions, denotations

The sonnet is full of figurative language, use of symbol, metaphor, simile, allusion, contradictions, and denotations. The language used in the poem is having lots of denotations that depict the themes, and at the same time it has enormous contradictions therein. Furthermore, the symbol, metaphor, simile, and allusion element is also there that can be observed when poet resembles his child, young and old age. 

Imagery and motifs used, what is the tone and sound of it?

The imagery and motifs used in the poem represent a varied tone and sound. It can be noticed by reading the poem that that poem has a very happy tone and sound in its start. But, when it proceeds to its body it transforms its tone and sound into slight anguish mode. And, finally, at the end of poem the tone of pain of the end of life prevails.

At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis that is rhymed utterance features effective influence. It is now recognized after evident evaluation of the poem Cycle sonnet’s rhymed lines. The overall persona of the poem is quite impressive, and the themes presented in the poem are very influential.

Moreover, the life is a blend of happiness and the unhappiness. The blend of happiness and sorrow made the poem quite realistic and near to life. Therefore, the poem is quite effective, impressive and influential by its themes and deep deliberation.

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