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What are the distinctive featured of two geniuses, the writers who were born in different centuries? This paper is going to be dedicated to the works of Jeffrey Chaucer “The Canterbury tales” and St. Augustine “Confession”.  Being born in the different periods their purposes of writing appeared to be pretty much alike. Although approaches they used for describing them were dissimilar, the topics which embody both writings are religion and moral obligation.

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First of all the Augustine’s work is his autobiography. It resembles his paccable juvenility and conversion to Christianity. It is a considerable contribution to the theology. It is vital to take into consideration the fact that he tended to convert all people from being immoral and full of sins to highly motivated and faithful. Moreover, his work reminds of prayers to God. His basic aim is to strive for inception of something new and internal in the Christian’s soul and to release everybody from worthless memories of the past (“Confessions”).

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Jeffrey Chaucer versus Augustine depicted the human and reality as it was. His principal subject is unsteadiness: a person with his or her efficacy, a nature with emotional experience of an artist. Chaucer as an adherent of Renaissance portrayed an optimism and faith in human being and nation’s power. Canterbury Tales are realistic masterpiece which is filled with concern to world and human. He did not try to veil the impure things, he demonstrated everything as he saw it: with purity and dirt, malformation and beauty, with or without despair and violation, without adornment and delight.

Comparing to Jeffrey Chaucer, Augustine makes a “Confession” with the purpose not to display his own indivisible way of life, but to reveal the verity what the life of every person in the world consists of, especially before he or she realizes the truth of Christianity. Augustine wanted to turn people from the featureless sinners into personalities.

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Chaucer’s attitude to religion was rather controversial. Furthermore, it is a slight feeling that was being ironic, especially describing the church. He was depicting the Pardoner, a saint person, a man of the church who would sell indulgences for sin. It was the resemblance of corruption. The way the Pardoner looked like was not the way everybody was supposed to see. He was described as a good-looking man with stylish clothes (“The Canterbury Tales”).

Jeffrey Chaucer, as an influential writer, must have had a moral obligation to his country. He must have been confident in his beliefs and actions, as he showed it throughout the whole Canterbury Tales. In contrast to Augustine's Christian intentions, where he looks for pure inspiration before his speech, Chaucer's Pardoner avoids all these meditations about the moral and dignity before his homily. Chaucer’s Pardoner drinks before delivering his speech, and that completely reverses the Augustine's reflection of saint people.

All in all, Jeffrey Chaucer and St. Augustine are the writers who were not insensible to people and surrounding. Jeffrey Chaucer succeeded in depicting different facets of medieval English society with the help of various characters in his work. He created imaginary reality with The Canterbury Tales. St. Augustine was morally obligated to teacher those who were lack in inspiration, faith and hope. However his primary aim was to convert all sinners to Christians.

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