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Many people in Prufrock’s situation would go for it. The character says “When the evening is spread out against the sky” .This is an appropriate time to hide in the dark. In the half-deserted streets there are not many people watching. They will also have time to sneak back to sleep. In the morning they will look innocent after fulfilling their insidious intentions.

Prufrock fails to go for it. This is because he takes   time to evaluate and make decision not to go. He formulated himself sprawling. He imagined being pinned while wriggling on the wall. He didn’t want to waste his last days and his reputation. Prufrock seeks and fails to become a hero on his life and therefore condemned himself to waste and isolation. The idea of failing to go for it is the condemnation that arises to his personal conditions.

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Monologue is the extended speech by an actor to himself and can also  be a speech for a short duration relating to himself. At times it can also be termed as soliloquy if the speaker thinks around while others maintain silence. The boy is called by the Justice and realizes his father expects him to lie. The justice treated him badly by demanding that he speak louder, for this the boy saw him as an enemy. The boy reckoned that if he had told his father that the court only wanted the truth surely he would have hit him again. The boy longed for peace the way he likened it with the big house.

He wanted to run from his life. He hated his father for the way he had treated his mother over oil. As he ran from home he came to realize that his sister didn’t care about the trouble he was going through. He ran away from home and vowed never to come back.

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