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This book by Mark Haddon is about Christopher, a fifteen year old who is depicted to know all world countries and their capital cities. He lives with his father in Swindon and has a rat as a pet. However, he has an autistic spectrum condition. He is made to believe that Judy, his mother had passed away two years ago. He realizes that Wellington, the neighbor’s dog was speared to death by a garden fork. The dog’s owner, Mrs. Shears, reports the matter to the police, who put Christopher under strict suspicion. Christopher gets angry and hits the police officer who touches him and is arrested then released. His father orders him to mind his own business, and stay out of other people affairs. He decides to carry out an investigation about Wellington’s death. His difficulties and fears affect him in interpreting the world phenomena. During his adventures, he records life experiences in a book. Throughout this process, he meets so many different people whom they interact. Mrs. Alexander informs him that Mr. Shear had an affair with Judy for a long time.

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Unfortunately, Christopher’s father Ed discovers the book and confiscates it. This stirs up a fight between them and Christopher begins to search for the book. During this time, the young boy encounters a trove of letters which had been written by his mother to him. The letters explain the supposed death of Judy, and he is shocked that Ed had lied to him that his mother had died two years ago. The pain of lies makes him vomit, groan and curl in bed until Ed gets home. His father realizes that Christopher had read the letters, and he confesses that he had killed Wellington because of the heated argument with Mrs. Shear. In addition, he accepts that he had lied about Judy’s death. Christopher loses trust with his father and begins an adventurous trip to search for his mother who is in London. He uses the Judy’s address in the letters as a guide in the trip.

After a long period of struggle in life, Christopher finally arrives at Mr. Shear’s home were Judy lives. Judy is happy to see her son after a long time; she cannot believe that Ed had told Christopher that she had died. Mr. Shear does not want them to stay with Christopher and they end up breaking up. Judy and Christopher move to Swindon and rent a room. He starts his mathematics A-level and is committed to working hard to become a scientist. He stays with Judy although occasionally visits his father. As the novel ends, Christopher is optimistic about his future goals.

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