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Three cups of tea is a story of mountaineer “Greg Mortenson”, who tried to climb K2 the second highest mountain in the world to honor his deceased sister Christa. Unfortunately, he did not achieve success in his intent. After his acceptance of failure and descend the mountain, he became weak and exhausted. The king of Korphe, Haji Ali, greeted and took him to ease his exhaust. In response, Mortenson promised to build school in the village. Impediments and Mortenson’s Decisions: Mortenson’s transition from mountaineer to humanitarianism, he has faced many obstacles and threats from Taliban and mullahs to build school for children, especially for his emphasis on girl’s education.
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However, he confronted the challenges bravely, and convinced Jean Hoerni to donate money for school. After that, both of them co-founded the Central Asia Institute to built schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan. Therefore, Mortenson’s decisions were the decisive for the education of valley and for the kindness of humanity.
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Evidence of Critical Thinking in His Decision Making: I have observed no evidence of critical thinking in his decision-making. His devotion with the people of valley is on humanity basis and for the goodness of humankind. His decisions were good that is why he is receiving awards. Philosophy of One Cup of Tea at a Time: Mortenson scholarly define the philosophy of one cup of tea at a time. When he experienced it with balti people. He says, first cup of tea you share with a balti, you’re a stranger. Second time you’re an honored guest. The third cup became you a family. Hence, he portrayed his relationship with balti people in one cup of tea. Mortenson's Vision can Work for Lasting and Meaningful Change: I think the Mortenson’s vision should be every human’s vision, which will make us a true human being. To follow this vision we can change the world, as example of Mortenson; any one can change the world.
Continuing the Work of His Father: His father, Irvin "Dempsey" Mortenson, was the missionary and Founder/development director of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, Tanzania's first teaching hospital. Therefore, Mortenson’s work is the continuation of his father’s work. Has Anything Similar Happened in Your Own Life? Every happening in life will shape you towards. As Mortenson have worked for education and emphasize girl’s education. I’ll similarly, deem to do work for the goodness of human being.

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