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Desperation brings about the inspiration among many individuals who are feeling the most adverse emotions that govern their situations at the time. For the movie the hours, a pregnant woman, Laura Brown naturally gained much inspiration to throw a party for her husband considering the fact that she was feeling low at the time. Apparently, she saw the chance of dealing with the situation through doing something good for her husband. While planning her party, she was reading the novel of Virginia Wolf entitled Mrs Dalloway, a story about a woman aiming to throw a party for a sick friend who is an author who was suffering from AIDS and is already dying. While reading the said novel, Mrs. Brown realized the miserable situations that she has been dealing with, she was likely less concerned with her personal situations, and rather she was concerned for giving her husband the happiness she thinks he deserves. Background of the Stories At the turn of time, these stories, being interconnected as they are, actually shows how people under several circumstances in life choose to make others happy although they do have the chance of making themselves rather feel good about themselves. Truthfully, it could be identified people live for one another. Each person is trying to become someone for the recognition that they long to receive from the others.
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With this fact in mind, it could be seen how the women in the stories tried so much to make the best for the people who are living around them. Implications of the Lessons Learned The question to consider then is “how are people really feeling the happiness” or “what really makes people happy”? Considerably, basing from the stories noted herein, it could be identified how elemental factors of human existence actually satisfies the need of each person to be happy and be contented with life. As remarkably remembered by thinkers, “giving is better than receiving”; true to its sense, the stories given concern in this paper shows the character of the major characters in assessing the important issues that relates to the reality of the said line. Although the characters needed attention and may have also the needs of recognition and personal happiness, they still gave much importance to the possibility that they could be able to give particular satisfaction to the needs and the demands of the people who lived around them. IT is from the capabilities they have to affect the lives of others that they gain the possibility of feeling happy and considerably satisfied with themselves. Having the feeling of being needed and recognized for ones good works and simply having the chance to make others feel extra ordinarily appreciated and given attention apparently gives one a better chance of giving themselves a willful source of real happiness.
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True, although many people today remain selfish and centered with their own demands for satisfaction in life, there are still those who remain selfless and think of other’s welfare at first before they actually try to realize their own chance of feeling the happiness of being an open minded and open handed person who is ready to give and ready to provide others what they need. Suggestive Implications of the Presentations and Reading There is nothing more important than self worth. From the stories actually presented in this paper, it could be seen that the entire reason for human’s being is the capability that they have to matter to others, giving them a chance to realize the truthful source of happiness and self worth. There is certainly a huge implication of this particular identification in assisting everyone in the process of recognizing the reality behind the importance of giving to others. The interaction that served as a link between the characters of the movie Hours and the characters of the novel Mrs. Dalloway naturally makes a great implicative thought on how others also tend to make a definite effect on other individuals as well. There is certainly a huge matter to consider as this theme is presented through the said stories. Every person’s thought counts, especially in protecting the values that human individuals may have developed through time. At some point, the theme that outlined the story was based on how the character, Mrs. Brown reacted to the situations that has affected the character of Mrs. Dalloway as she was pursuing to hold something special for a dear friend. Somehow, her thoughts were turned around so as to move her to examine why she is actually pursuing to throw a party for her husband. Reading through also caused her to think of whether she should continue with her plan or she should simply live and stop pretending that everything between her husband and her was absolutely fine and just live her life alone. She pictured herself in the future and realizes that the cause for her personal satisfaction is the capability that she has to serve the happiness of her husband. Truly, this shows that the meaning and identification that Mrs. Brown enjoys comes from the important role that she plays in her husband’s life. Yes, at the brink of a single hour, the life and the thinking of Mrs. Brown has been changed as she reflected on the experiences of Mrs.
Dalloway that primary has given a perfect picture on how Virginia Wolf, the novel’s author actually viewed the value giving and gave importance to the real sense of making a meaning for one’s self through affecting the lives of others considerably for their own benefit and the giver’s own particular satisfaction, this way, nobody actually loses in the situation. Conclusion Believing in one’s capability to push through for the realization of their being a huge part of the lives of others gives a person the right satisfaction he needs to continue living his own life. Yes, each person lives for another. Rightfully, it could be noticed that the characters both in the film and the novel actually portray the important effects of giving and recognizing one’s capability to make a change on other’s lives. Learning through these particular plots of the story naturally perceives the better chance of proving that people are able to identify the needs of others living around hem and that being able to do something about this gives out a beneficial return to everyone who is willing to provide, willing to help and willing to make a change in other people’s lives. With this realization, it is then implied that the willingness of one to make a difference on others lies to be one of the greatest assets one could ever have.

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