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Surviving in a quality and service oriented business world in the present era is indeed not an easy task for many business owners in the present era. The business traditions of the present era have opened the current business industries into new horizons of management systems that are mostly focused on the quality of service that each business establishment renders their clients in their everyday dealings. This is the main reason why business owners are further encouraged to become focused on how they are able to deal with their clients and go about their business every day. They are further revitalized to strive for the best things that they could offer their consumer. In short, every business company is encouraged to have a passion for excellence in dealing with their business activities. Modern Management; this topic is the main focus of the book entitled “A Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution” authored by Tom Peters. The said book is mainly devoted to awakening the passion in every business owner or organizational manager to strive for the best every time they are supposed to deal with their regular clients. The author of the book is known as expert business writer and manager himself. Peters is known for his incomparable enthusiasm in creating a fine working environment among business companies by making each company owners realize their potential on becoming excellent service providers to their clients, hence making themselves a ‘reliable picture’ for the consumers to see, this way, the company owners could further increase their profit potentials simply be becoming enhanced with regards to the support and assistance that they are rendering their customers. His valuing attitude with regards the importance of a practical management system makes his writings highly recommended in the business world. The approach to modern management that Peters has explained through the reading certainly created a fine devoted discussion as to how managers should actually handle their responsibilities even when in the middle of chaotic situations.
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Synopsis As mentioned earlier, the book talks about the strategies which according to the authors would help business organizations reach their goal of gaining ample profit from an enthusiastic customer service. As known to many, the customers are the ‘blood source’ of any business entity. They are the ones giving life to each business establishment in the market. Hence, it should simply equate to the fact that every company has a soul responsibility to provide their clients, both regular and prospects with the bet service and assistance possible. Knowing this, the book further encourages three major points of consideration concerning the business organizations’ practice in dealing with their customers: • Managing people in an innovative way is the key to business success The sections of the book that are devoted to the said topic simply points out the need of the management system to first empower their company employees to be able to give excellent service to their clients. Motivating their employees t treat the customers well shall help the management emphasize the need for adjustment of service systems as the practical skills of servicing are inculcated in their employees. Being innovative means not being traditionally inclined. Everyone loves progress, and progress means change. The book further points out the need for the company management to continuously innovate the ways by which they are supposed to help their employees realize the need for excellent service. • Apply Customer and People Oriented Spirit at Work Treating the customers well is the business of every organization.
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Hence, by the way that a customer is assisted and serviced by the employees of the company, the agents or the employees themselves re able to ensure the company of continuous profit growth. (47) • BE open to imaginative management practices Dealing with people is one of the hardest tasks and yet the main job of managers. Hence, to be able to survive the challenge of such job, it should be noticed that the application of an imaginative way of innovating practices in dealing with the employees as well as the customers is a sure key to business success. Key Takeaways As mentioned earlier, management of a diverse workforce has been one of the biggest problems that concern the human resources department of any type of company present in the business industries. Hence, it is just reasonable to say that at some points, some management teams may find it a difficult task as well. However, as Peters outlined in his book, diversity is something that should be met and dealt with instead of avoided. After all, there is still a common ground among the working force of each company no matter how diverse they may be it is that they are humans, which makes them capable of being dealt with and managed well. The certainties of dealing with diverse people in the workforce are around ninety-nine percent. Considering that we are living in a culturally diverse society, it could be argued that a diverse workforce is indeed a challenge to many business managers today. However, at first, this fact may seem a big problem, on the other hand, if the managers are able to see the common ground of everyone else, which is being human, the said managers would recognize the possibility of making diversity a source of further progress for the company. Mixing up the talents and the abilities of the employees for the goal of the organization would surely help the company reach its peak potential. The Highlights for an Executive Certainly, living in a world that is governed with diversity, it could be expected that in the workplace, diversity itself is also present and thus cannot be avoided. Many workers refer to this hardship as the common source of many conflicts within the working area. Hence, the performance of the employees is then directly affected. Impossible as it may have seemed, diversity within the workplace has still been referred to by many modern business enthusiasts as the modern key to success. How is this possible? The book of Peters advices the points of consideration listed herein: • Concentrate on the strengths of the employees. When a manager discovers the tasks where the employees usually excel in, they should be assigned to them as they are expected to be more productive on those fields of the job. • Understand the abilities and the potential of each employee present in the organization. These potential assets of the employees could as well be used by the company itself in aiming for the goals that it has set up for the future. • Allow communication lines t be open at all times. It is very important for managers to be good listeners. The ability of hearing what the employees want form the company as well as to how they could be of bigger help to the organization could be used as a resource of ideas for the company as well. • Make the employees feel that they too have a sense of authority in the company. However, this type of authority should not overstep that of the administration’s. It should be clear that this authority could only be exercised at specific times and places when it is permitted. This may often refer to an ‘open door’ policy that deals with an easier type of agreement between the employees, which could give them a chance to affect how the organization is being managed.
They are then allowed to give suggestions; however, no suggestions are implemented unless approved by the administration. • Treating everyone fairly and sensitively is the key to creating a fine working environment. It should be remembered that because of the different clutters of the people, they all have different preferences; they have different personal obligations and other more. Considering the fact that dealing with multicultural workforce also involve dealing with their differences of belief, a manager could as well consider fairness at all times to be able to set a common ground for everyone else in the organization. • Keep everyone else busy and going all the time. Feeling one’s worth is usually measured on the things they are able to do for the organization in a day. In this manner, it could be said that regardless of one’s difference from the others, being able to do something for the company and being of worth to the organization makes an employee feel that even though there are differences, he still belongs to the organization he is working for. Through the application of these considerations, Peters believes that every manager would be equipped with the most important tool that he needs in dealing with organizational chaos and be able to lead a population of diversity towards one united goal of organizational progress. Recommendations The book of Peters was certainly a huge contributory factor to the success of modern managers today. It is indeed a highly recommended reading for business leaders who are usually caught in the middle of chaotic situations that are present in the modern composition of workforces today. It is through the effective suggestions of the author of this book that success in dealing with diversity and human resource conflicts could be won over by serious yet passionate managers at present.

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