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Research Paper Introduction

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       Any research paper introduction requires the student to use unique content and formatting. To write a successful research paper introduction, all student need to be aware that first they need to understand not only the research paper topic, but all the requirements as well.

       Research papers are cited as formal academic documents assigned to students who are required to spend a certain period of time researching a specific topic. The research paper is not only a way for the professor to see the researching skills of the student, but also the way in which they put together an effective research paper, their style of writing, and the overall comprehensiveness of the research paper. Students in all academic levels, from high school to graduate university studies, are required to write research paper for their courses.

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       All research papers need to follow a particular format. This format includes the research paper introduction, the body paragraphs of the research paper, the conclusion of the research paper, a bibliography, and possibly an appendix page if needed. It does not matter what type of course the research paper is assigned in, the level of study, or the topic selected, all research papers follow this similar format.

       Possibly the most integral part of a research paper is the research paper introduction. The research paper introduction introduces the topic to the readers, provides necessary background information relevant to the topic, and it also houses the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the basis of the whole research paper. Often times, the thesis statement is in one of the last sentences in the research paper introduction.

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       To write a successful research paper introduction, students need to format the research paper introduction much like an inverted pyramid. All the general information should be placed toward the starting point of the research paper introduction, and more specific information should be placed toward the conclusion of the research paper introduction. This will ensure that the research paper introduction has a good flow.

       In a majority of cases, a research paper introduction may be just one paragraph. However, if students are required to write a formal research paper, such as a thesis paper or dissertation, the research paper introduction may be several paragraphs, even pages. It is important to remember that the research paper introduction introduces the topic; it is not where the student explains all the major findings in detail. Students explain all the necessary details in the body paragraphs of the research paper. The body paragraphs are where students provide further explanation and elaboration of the paper.

       A difference between the body of the research paper and the research paper introduction is that students should not introduce new information in the research paper introduction. All new ideas and information need to be introduced in the body paragraphs. The research paper introduction gives necessary background information a reader may need to know in order to further understand what is being written in the research paper. The research paper introduction provides information on why the content is important and why the readers should read it.

       When writing the research paper introduction, the student needs to gain the reader's attention and make them want to continue reading. Sometimes it is a lot easier to write a research paper introduction that it is to write the abstract of the research paper.

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