When assigned with writing a research paper on health, it is extremely crucial to take detailed, comprehensive research notes of everything a student comes across in the sources found. The investigation part can take a few days, weeks, or possibly months to complete depending on the academic level of a student. Obviously a high school research paper on health is not going to be as in depth and therefore require as much research as a graduate level work.



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How to Write a Top-Quality Paper on Any Topic

When it comes to selecting a topic for an assigned research paper on health, the teacher or professor may assign a specific topic, or select a broad category and let students select their own topic that fits in the category. For example, if the course is on sports medicine, the professor might ask everyone to compose a paper about performance enhancing supplements, or the professor or teacher may require students to write a research paper on health that has anything to do with fitness and exercise. If given a broad category, students can opt to write about performance enhancing supplements, or they could write about the benefits of weight training versus cardio training, the importance of stretching before and after exercising, or the areas of the body that men and women prefer to work out.

Once a topic is selected, it is then important to do all the necessary research. Not only are there textbooks and reference books, but newspapers, online journals, and media sources like radio shows and documentaries that may provide insightful information. Doing thorough research will also guide individuals in determining their thesis statement and the main points that back up the thesis statements and will be discussed throughout the body of the paper.

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The Structure of a Research Paper on Health

Every single research paper on health needs to include an introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion. The teacher or professor will often provide specifics on items such as the total length of work, the minimum number of points in the main body paragraph, and items, such as recommendations and predictions, that should go into the conclusion paragraph.

The introduction needs to provide general background information and should end with the thesis statement. Be sure to make the introduction captivating so the reader will want to continue on with the rest of the research paper on health.

The main body paragraphs include all the main points that back up the thesis statement. Only put one main point per paragraph. Do not overload a paragraph with numerous main points as it will confuse the reader. Use research found in sources to back up the main points, including facts, data, statistics, and so on.

The conclusion of the research paper on health will tie the whole paper together. In the conclusion, the thesis is restated (using different words), the main points are strung together and recommendations are given. The objective of the conclusion is the get the reader to agree with the point made in the research paper.

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