Many academic students would agree that writing their research paper thesis can be the most difficult aspect of the entire work. Many do not understand how a research paper thesis should be written, the reason for it (let alone its importance) and do not know where to place it within their report. So, it is important to clarify this enigma by helping students' understanding of what constitutes a strong research paper thesis and its role as the heart of an overall successful reference work.

Sometimes, to the student, the thesis statement can become muddled, by appearing similar, with a research paper topic, resulting in added confusion. The truth is that students do experience difficulties writing such a statement and some of this difficulty can be attributed to the academic weight it attracts. Throughout term, if a tutor continually refers to the importance of a thesis, then the student can, unwittingly, inflate its magnitude in his or her mind. And, then, when they arrive at writing their thesis they may think their effort is too simplistic and, consequently, inadequate.

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A research paper thesis is a non-negotiable element of every academic paper. As it represents the purpose of the document, if it is absent, then the entire work is rendered pointless. Everyone who uses the English language has composed a thesis statement at some time or other, even if done subconsciously. It is a somewhat simplistic endeavour because it merely states the reason for writing a paper. But, still, an astonishing number of students develop a mental barrier towards writing this part of their paper. Often, the barrier is the result of the student, unwittingly perhaps, trying to over-complicate the subject and, thereby, making it more difficult than necessary.

A research paper thesis statement is, put simply, the viewpoint the author means to adopt. Following a concise introduction of the subject matter, he or she should state their stance on it and use the body parts of the document to solidify that stance. The research paper thesis statement need only be one brief sentence in length. A full paragraph is unnecessary. Indeed, strong, brief and sharp statements are more effective than long-winded, convoluted statements.

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A thesis statement provides the platform for the overall work. The primary purpose of placing such a statement at the start of a text is to allow the following paragraphs to link back to it and support it. Providing a research paper thesis is akin to claiming "this is my view on this subject" and, then, continuing to backup that claim with indisputable and credible facts and evidence.

It is not unusual for research paper thesis statements to make assertions that are controversial or disliked. But, students need to ensure that their support material is sound and solidly supports their thesis, or their efforts will fail by seeming shallow and watery. So, whether the thesis statement is popular or unpopular, the real ingredients for success are solid evidence and convincing arguments.

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