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How Books Change our Lives?

Books disclose us the truths about ourselves, and we finish the reading having a sense of belonging. Books shape esthetics and define facts that we have always taken for granted in a different way.

People’s Thoughts about Books Affecting Their Lives

Eric Idle says that his life has not been changed by one particular book. Instead, it has been changed by many books. The author wrote a whole anthology dedicated to this approval, which brings together a hundred of testimonials from known writers, musicians, politicians, and corporate leaders about books which have had the biggest effect on them. Some describe specific works, while others take a far wider view. For example, Fran Lebowitz says that he is too old to have anything change him, but shares his thoughts about the benefits of the reading itself.

While reading this anthology, you will also learn that Tim Gunn was inspired to become a vegetarian for some time affected by reading the story of James Agee A Mother’s Tale. Gerald Richards was affected greatly by The Autobiography of Malcolm X in his teen years. He says this book forced him to think about defining himself. Tavi Gevinson shares her thoughts and her experience how the Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonder by Lawrence Weschler changed her entire worldview and made her choose her work as a writer.



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An internet discussion about influential books embraced a multiplicity of different opinions. Some people mentioned works that affected them on a vast scale. For instance, Man’s Search for Meaning written by Viktor Frankl taught one man that the world did not revolve around him. Another commentator told Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk affected him greatly and was the first book that made him love reading as an adult. Many participants affirm that as long as they have a book with them, they can go anywhere and never be alone.

Ways Books Influence our Worldview

There is no certain way that literature can alter your life. One book offers solace during the hard period, while the other makes you discover something new and interesting. One literature work calms your mind, while the other one assists in establishing an order in everyday routine.

For one person, the most life-changing book that he or she encountered was his or her formative years in college. For another one, the book that affected his or her life greatest found that person at the moment in life when he or she needed it. Maybe, it is the major indicator among all: it is hard to tell in the moment when the one falls into your hands. It is only obvious after some time has passed when the changes have already begun.


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