While academic essays generally require an essay cover page, most essays written for personal use normally do not. Depending on the prescribed style, e.g. MLA or APA which vary substantially, an accepted form of an essay cover page bears the name of the writer and the essay's deadline date. The essay title and its related course name is also mandatory. In some cases, other peripheral information is requested such as the names of the academy, the course instructor(s) and/or the names of any other persons related to the work.

Generally, other instructions are issued regarding the format for the essay cover page, e.g. font size, spacing, etc. The student should adhere to such guidelines and submit their final work according to the prescribed style.

Therefore, to produce the best possible essay, the student should prepare by paying close attention to understanding the guidelines on style, content and any other instruction. While this preparatory work can be time consuming, the student should reap benefits by such diligence. The following guidelines are intended to help new and seasoned essay students to produce good quality writing.

The Significance of a Good Essay Cover Page Writing

The title or essay cover page is the primary presentation facet of your work. Carrying such weight, some view it as a mixed blessing. To garner immediate attention, ensure this page is free of mistakes, is uncluttered and is pleasing to view. Bear in mind that first impressions are lasting ones, so take extra time to meticulously check your essay cover page before you hand it in. A title page always contains a set of prescribed mandatory information. Include all guidelines issued by your instructor or, in the absence of such instructions, use the following as a guide:

  1. Author's name
  2. Essay deadline date
  3. Essay title (and course title, if applicable)
  4. The name of the class you attend
  5. Other class information (e.g. time, period)
  6. Your tutor's name

For clarity and ease of reading, begin from the right hand side of the left margin. Add a sense of professionalism and unison throughout by using the same font on the essay cover page as that used in the overall paper.

Unless your instructions dictate otherwise, try not to use graphics, pictures or other images on your title or essay cover page. Should you decide to use graphic imagery, for instance if you are studying graphic design, choose good quality, appropriately-sized images or pictures. Be subtle in selecting imagery so that the reader's attention is not distracted from the content of your work to its packaging.

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