In the course of studies, students are assigned different kinds of essays. However, what makes professors assign their students to create a technology essay? Examine the article given below to understand the reasons behind such professors' decision.

Technology Essay - The Possibilities Are Endless!

Technology impacts everyone's daily life, has turned a huge planet into a much smaller one, and influences our socioeconomic systems and events. Perhaps technology truly began with the invention of the wheel, as man began to attempt to make his life less difficult. Today, indeed, technology usually refers to those advances in science and medicine which do, in fact, improve or ease our lives in some way.



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An instructor in most any course can find a relationship between his/her content area and some form of technology, and the technology essay has become a popular writing assignment for both secondary and university students. Generally, this kind of essay will fall within a category of basic essay types, dependent upon content and purpose. For example, one may be asked to describe how a particular technology is used in medical diagnoses or in a chemistry laboratory; one may be asked to comment on the impact of technology on news reporting or privacy rights; the impact of technology on the business and financial world as a whole has been significant.

A technology essay or paper may be appropriate, then, in almost any course, and the purpose of the essay determines the essay type one will use. Some writing in the area of technology may involve research, certainly if it must be placed within historical context; some may involve a persuasive argument on the ethical and socioeconomic implications of a technological advance; some may involve a detailed explanation of how a specific technology works and is used. In any of these cases, however, the work must be well-organized and academically sound; it must be written in formal and grammatically correct English; in some instances, it must involve creative and critical thought in order to draw conclusions and discuss implications.

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