An exploratory essay is among the papers students are usually assigned to write. However, what such an essay implies? What are its main peculiarities? The answers to these questions are provided in this article. Read to learn more about the specifics of exploration essays.

Unique Nature of the Exploratory Essays

Sometimes called the inquiry paper, the nature of exploratory essay or paper is unique in that the author does not have to come to a definite conclusion or opinion on the topic explored. The purpose of the exploratory essay is just that - to explore a topic or an issue and to provide information relative to what others have said regarding it. The author of the exploratory essay or paper is expected to share information with the reader, not to resolve the issue. 



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The nature of exploratory essay begins with a question. For example, the student of contemporary economics may ask, "What are the causes of fluctuations in gas prices for consumers?" or "What is the real cause of high gas prices for the consumer?" The author then "explores" the question by reading journal articles, listening to experts on television that comment on the reasons for price fluctuations, and interviewing others who have economic expertise on the matter. 

All of this information is presented in the essay or paper, so that the reader can be provided all salient information on the topic. It is not the author's responsibility to express an opinion or to determine what the real causes are. It is up to the reader to come to his or her own conclusions. The "experts" may pose a variety of reasons for oil prices, to include investor speculation, upheaval in the Middle East, or natural disasters which may impact oil prices. The author must present all of these opinions in an objective manner, for that is the purpose of the essay or paper. It is up to the reader to come to his or her own conclusions. That is the nature of exploratory essay.

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