Begin your essay introduction with a broad overview of the subject; then develop your text to its central theme. Some essay introductions contain "grabbers". "Grabbers" are unusual anecdotes or a controversial declaration to garner or "grab" the audience's attention. The thesis should, in one or (maximum) two sentences, describe the overall theory or assertion and provide a summary of the content of the body text.

If, for instance, the theme of the essay is on the need for airbags in cars, the introductory paragraph could offer statistics on accident, fatality and survival rates. In this example, the writer's grabber might be to recount the case of someone famous who did, or did not survive, an accident because of the presence (or not) of an airbag. In his thesis, the writer could provide a short statement outlining his main arguments in favour of airbags. The body text could then expand each argument.



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Writing an Effective Essay Introduction

An essay introduction uses anecdotes, interesting facts or startling revelations to capture and retain the reader's interest. Such an opening can then be exploited by linking it to the main subject matter with a convincing theory on the matter. Another example might see an essay introduction providing statistics on the scale of drug abuse. That theme can be developed to outline the adverse effects of such abuse. The introduction should not deceive the audience but bear direct relevance to the essay's central theme.

Following the essay introduction, you should provide all available information on that subject. In the earlier example on drug abuse, it would be usual to provide background information on drug abuse in, say, that particular country. Describe issues related to the problem; make the audience aware that it is a subject worthy of examination. Possible openings for further discussion may include the names of specific drugs, their danger levels, how substances are supplied, what harmful ingredients are involved, etc.

Such discussion should develop towards the thesis statement which is, generally speaking, provided close to or at end of the introduction. An essay introduction lacks impact without a thesis statement. Its purpose is to provide some particular idea that develops into a reason or argument which then becomes the essay's centrepiece.

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The introduction to an essay should grab the reader's attention at the outset and keep them interested throughout. The length of the introduction should be consistent with the overall essay length For instance, a short introductory paragraph is consistent with a two page essay but a one paragraph introduction is not consistent with a ten page text. In the case of, say, a very short, one paragraph essay, present the thesis sentence first, followed by the introduction. In this scenario, the introduction should be one to three sentences but its length may vary depending on the overall paragraph length.

The impact of an essay introduction is sometimes overlooked. In its capacity it offers the reader the first insight to the topic, this section determines the relationship between reader and subject. If the essay introduction is poor, the entire work may lack focus and disintegrate. Hence, it is essential to master the art of writing an effective essay introduction.


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