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Half of my life I have dreamt to open All in One Day SPA-salon. For many people who care of themselves it is very important to have a place to visit where real professionals work who know what they are doing and how to reach the needed effect. Each woman, in my opinion, will appreciate the SPA-salon where she can have her manicure, pedicure, hair, and make-up done skillfully and in a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, each woman can always get her body in tonus thanks to the sauna facility, different types of massage and solarium. To create a place which can truly be called the paradise for body and soul - this is what my aim is. Most important the quality of service must be of top-high level. As soon as business starts bringing profits, I would like to open such SPA-salons in some other cities and then go internationally.

The two main obstacles which I need to overcome is a start-up sum of money and premises. Start-up sum of money must be very big as I need buying premises (I do not want to rent it), equipment, make corresponding refurbishment and decorations, and hire workers (I will need eight professionals). I understand very well that at the beginning (probably, first three months) this business will not bring me enough profit to cover the expenses, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



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The second problem is good premises. This is vital because the better location, the higher possibility people visiting the SPA-salon. Here I need to have a good look where my potential clients live. I want my SPA to be chic and classy for that reason outskirts of the city or some unknown street even in the city center will not do for me. Of course, advertising of my SPA will help a lot but it is never enough. People usually want to see several times, to get acquainted with the place and then they can come to see what is inside. I want the premises to be two-level: First level – for visual beauty, second – for relaxation. The location must be in the city centre. To invite clients, pleasant lounge (preferably saxophone) music should play as it usually gives people the feeling that the time stops, life is beautiful and they feel very cozy. Inside same lounge music and also special aromas must protect visitors from the noise of the streets. Each room will have its own special beautiful aroma which will help the clients to relax.

There is one more obstacle but I do not consider it significant: Quite a big competition in the field. I do not consider it as very big problem (though I am sure that for many people this is the main obstacle) because it is my responsibility to offer people a high-quality service. A competitive price, a beautiful atmosphere of luxury with professionally provided for needs of clients - the simple concept to make people come back again and again.

The best way to get more information about SPA-salons is from their owners. I simply need to visit some of them and talk to their workers. Usually if people like to do what they do, they are proud to tell you more details about it if you ask in a proper way. Asking on the Internet can be very helpful too. It is also quite important to talk to people who live in the area where I can open my SPA-salon. As they will share with me their personal needs, the needs of potential clients. I’ll be able to make an accent on the most demanded services in my salon.

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Across the whole world there are many successful SPA-salons and many new ones are open all the time. Such tendency only proves that more and more people prefer to deal with professionals and that this business is very profitable if managed well.

Among most famous SPAs on the terrain of the United States I can name Golden Door SPA in California, Ambra European Day SPA in Chicago, Exhale Day SPA, New York, and this is just a tiny particle of a huge variety of spa-salons.


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