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The USA is a huge country. Its territory covers thousands of square kilometers. High and majestic mountains, wide deserts and vast fertile valleys that seem to exist forever – all that capture the human spirit.

When the first settlers from Europe had landed on the east coast of the U.S., they had no idea about vast expanses of the land, which stretched away to the west. Only after the first serious and challenging study in the early 19th century, the Americans began to develop ideas about amazingly huge amount of physical space that was available to the habitat of the New World.

An inspiring concept was needed to enlarge the territory of the land. This concept turned into Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny became the force that was able to guide many settlers and explorers through adverse weather conditions in the face of many dangers. It is the force that was able to create the American nation, which covered almost half of the North American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. It is true to say that it was the dream of the first settlers of their new country. Almost from the beginning they were piously urging people to become virtual utopia of nascent democracy and entrepreneurial opportunities. It is only natural that part of the utopian vision of the first American citizens was the idea of the nation, which would stretch from the east to the west and from ocean to ocean. However, there were a lot of mistakes in the U.S. In the peak years of the commitment to the Wild West that America went through in the early decades of its development, many people died. Though, the sense of vocation and the feeling that America was introduced to something great did not change.


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