Free «Invention Worksheet Visual Analysis» Essay Sample

The audience for these images are middle aged male of various hair styles. This is depicted by shaggy hair styles and well groomed men which signify men of all sorts of styles. These images capture all the men in different occupations as well as fashion style. The purpose of the images is to strengthen the fact that McDonald which is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants welcomes everybody to its restaurants.

Rhetorical Element: Customer focused.

Example: One of the images depicts a man in a suit, well kempt hair with a smiling face.

Explanation: The visual impact of this image is that McDonald chain of restaurant respect each individual fashion and style. In addition, the image sends the visual information that even the services offered customer are tailored to respond to individual taste and preference. The image appeals to business executive and people who are working in formal business environment.

Rhetorical Element: Caring and satisfying

Example: Images depicts smiling faces

Explanation: The images depict smiling faces which is an illustration of a satisfied customer. The aim of the visual message is that at McDonald restaurants one cannot be disappointed with their services. In addition, the impact of the images is that they appeals and keep a lasting memory that the company aim is to care and satisfy its customers.



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Rhetorical Element: Welcoming to all.

Example: The images shown are of various faces of men with different hair styles, attire as well as grooming style.

Explanation: The images shown are of various faces of men with different hair styles, attire as well as grooming style but all are welcome to one place of satisfaction. The image further shows that after the McDonald restaurants experience all are smiling and full of joy. This is a great message to mind of the customers that McDonald restaurants are really committed to a great service with great products.


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