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The US 2008 presidential race was an incredible momentous in the history of presidential elections. The presidential contest was between Barak Obama of the Democratic Party and John McCain of Republican Party. In that contest, Obama campaign team created advertisements which were aimed not only to attract the youth but also to inspire them to achieve better things in future. In this regard, Obama team coined some powerful and inspirational words which appealed to many. These words included “Change we can Believe in” and ‘HOPE’. In the above advertisement, Obama’s face is bright, focussed and powerful with the word hope written in capital letters at the bottom of the advertisement. The significance of the word hope written in capital letters is to attract the attention of American youths. In addition, the word ‘HOPE’ in capital letter gives out the meaning that hope is one of the fundamental tenets of Obama for presidency. This makes the advertisement appealing to the youth who are hopeful and believe that the government can economically inspire hope which leads to individual prosperity. Since the global economic crisis has bigger negative effects on the youth, the word hope not only appeals to them but also gives energy to boldly face the future. 

The author of the image has used pathos in the form of Obama slogan“Hope”to benefit from the emotional impact of the word on the audience.Hope is a powerful word which immediately drives the enthusiasm in people and makes them picture and face it confidently. The inclusion of the word hope illustrates Obama’s passionate visions for America to bring back the lost glory to the country. Besides, it also shows that although many Americans had lost hope and belief in their leaders, Obama admits that the country can still move forward in the right economic, political direction geared towards prosperity. The main aim of slogan “Hope” is to encourage the audience to support Obama’s presidential bid because of his strong stance that all is possible when people work together in the country.

The visual presidential campaign poster image of Obama 2008 has white, black, red and blue colours which brings a deliberate message to the audience. The use of black and white has a nostalgic feeling effect to the audience. Black and white colours show the unification of the two races and the belief in one great American nation. In addition, there is red and blue which are both Americans and democrats’ colours. The application of these colours brings out interplay of emotional appeal that they have to the audience. The colours are used to send the message that even if Obama is a democrat, he first belongs to America and the country is bigger than a party. This notion that the country is bigger than a party has also been reinforced by putting a small democrat badge on the portrait. In addition, the Obama face is taken when he is looking up which signifies a powerful leadership coupled with inspiration of hope to the people. The bright and jovial face of Obama is important in giving a feeling of hope in the future.

The above advertisement has been designed to attract the attention and appeal to the American youth who form a majority of possible voters. In this regard, the visual image which appeals to the people is quite important in presidential campaign. Therefore, the design of the advertisement captures some of the most important messages and mental reflection that the campaign team wanted the youth to focus on when making choices.


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