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There is a close relation between nutrition and the well-being of individuals. Research is linking more and more diseases to nutrition. Therefore, it is critical for the government to ensure its citizens have healthy eating habits. Residents of Orange County face various nutritional needs. Failure to meet their nutritional needs makes them have various nutritional needs. Some of the nutritional risk factors that residents of Orange County face include failure to perform enough physical exercises, eating too much junk food and not eating enough fruits.

Failure to perform enough physical exercises is one of the major problems that residents of Orange County face. Most adults drive to work and spend most of their time at their desks and seldom engage in physical exercises in some of the company facilities. In addition, most schools do not offer physical exercises in the curricula of students in higher grades. Failure to perform physical exercises puts residents of Orange County at risk of getting a myriad of diseases, which include cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and makes them prone to gaining weight. However, engaging in exercises helps in improving the mental health and mood, strengthens bones and muscles and increases the chances of living longer.

Most residents of Orange County eat out regularly. Most of the foods that they eat away from home are junk food and other high calorie meals. These foods have no health benefits on the body. They only have carbohydrates and fats. Failure of junk food to meet all nutritional needs makes people crave for more food. High amount of fats in junk food puts people at risk of becoming obese. Junk food deposits fats in various parts of the body, which increases the risk of contracting asthma, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and stroke.

Residents of Orange County do not take enough portions of fruits. This is despite the fact that fruits are most important food. Fruits are free from cholesterol and contain various minerals, which substantially help the body. In addition, people eat fruits in their natural form when all minerals are still intact. Fruits also help to detoxify the body of various harmful chemicals. Various fruits have minerals that help prevent various diseases, which include cancer (Contento, 2011). Therefore, not taking fruits makes residents of Orange County forfeit the benefits of taking fruits.


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