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Working in a hotel is somehow challenging as opposed to how people perceive it to be. Logically, employees have direct relations with guests and so their entrusted duty is to attend to their calls with ecstasy and grins on their faces. Therefore, even if one is in a terrible disposition or irritated by something, he/she has to swallow that and show gratitude while being welcoming to the guest. However, the management under which I was working used various motivation strategies that kept me going. Some of them were being close and sometimes working with the employees, recognizing good performance and rewarding it, job redesigning and promotions on merit. It’s the dream of every employee to be upheld for a job well-done and if possible get a reward or promotion depending on the nature of job (Carlson & Heth, 2009).

The establishment used various motivation theories in their operations. One of them was instinct motivation theory, which has it that people perform marvelously because they are destined to do so. This theory enabled the management to entrust the employees with various operational responsibilities within the hotel. The second theory applied by the management was incentive theory, which provides that human beings do things because of the present external rewards (Weightman, 2008). This made the management to offer rewards to the employees. Furthermore, Herzberg’s two factors theory was applied. This theory claims that there are certain deeds that could be introduced by a business to motivate workers (Vida & Vilte, 2012). Such factors are referred to as motivators.

Employees require thorough training and development for them to be enriched (Jones & Denys, 1987). Developed employees are motivated and work tirelessly to increase production. Increased production leads to improved profitability and overall organizational development (Hershey, 2003). Similarly, once employees get job enrichment, they work with motivation to increase productivity and to prove themselves to the management.


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