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Netbon campsite is an organization that involves the community in almost all its operations. Its business is to house tourists for days with no recreation facilities. The funds generated from the campsite are used for sustenance and improvement of the campsite, and at the same time engaging it in community development initiatives. The campsite contributes to the improvement of community infrastructure such as electricity, road construction and water supply. It supplies finances to the local schools, where money contribution is shared among needy students as bursaries. The organization also funds local awareness groups that fight against the spread of AIDS in the society. Moreover, it facilitates environmental conservations while upholding cultural values through performance of traditional dances to the tourists.

Organizational philanthropy is the main factor for social responsibility (Hess, 2008). The need to have reduced poverty, upgraded environment and educated society fuels the organization to adopt social responsibility. The need to balance between organizational achievement and well-being of the workforce is another motivator. Employees require specific education and good health for them to function productively (Takeda, 1998). The campsite is a community resource that is managed by individual investors. Therefore, there is need to share the profits generated from the campsite and the only logical manner to do it is through social responsibility.

The organization has an established social initiative whereby it offers employment to the local community. The campsite does not employ personnel outside the community. It also offers pension and welfare programs to its employees thereby increasing their morale. Training of staff is another social initiative upheld by the organization. The social initiative is more of a moral responsibility, where the organization utilizes the skills of employees and it turn enhances their development through training and welfare programs. Considering that the campsite benefits from community resources, it is ethical for it to bestow back to the society and facilitate social initiatives.


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