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Completing an accredited Master in Business Administration degree is among the most highly sought after venture by upwardly mobile career enthusiasts in the domain of business. The Simon School program offers one of the most accredited MBA programs, which are suited in assisting graduates to prosper in their respective careers. In this regard, I intend to use the program to improve the way I deliver my professional services in my banking speciality. The Simon School program has enabled me to improve the way I view business models used in foreign countries. More specifically, the program has been designed in such a manner that I can develop case studies based on my past experiences to understand current concepts. For instance, previously while working at the Universal bank of Switzerland, I was able to develop client portfolios, which were instrumental in enabling clients to understand their needs. Hence, I intend to examine some of these concepts in my project and I will use the findings to develop a concise model that can benefit the bank I work in, especially where I focus my services in my respective department.

The Simon School program has a specialized MBA package that allows students to focus on the elements that are more relevant to their fields. In this regard, I intend to exploit this chance to evaluate some of the current practices in my area of expertise. Recently, my employer introduced new strategies, which have been partly instrumental in achieving better targets; however, they have also affected the achievement of better results in other areas. I will use the program to examine if there is a proper mix between human resource potential, commissions, and extent of incorporation into their work packages. Indeed, there are situations in which programs are designed but they do not suit their respective environment. Thus, the Simon School program will enable me to advise my employer on possible revisions that could be made. Considering the fact that this will purely be based on a scholarly study, it will be highly considered as a reliable recommendation. Consequently, the outcome of my MBA will serve other departments by borrowing or replicating some of the recommendations that have been made.

Finally, the Simon School Program will provide me with a platform to expand my expertise in other related industries, for example, apart from serving in the banking portfolio, I can also apply similar strategies in a the auditing industry. I also intend to use the skills that I will gain for my MBA to provide professional advice in my area of expertise. This implies that I will provide consultancy services to other professionals or companies that need advice in my specialty. The Simon School Program will elevate my professional status in the company; hence, I expect to be assigned crucial roles as a team leader by guiding specific operations. In essence, the program, I will also use the program to develop extensive and beneficial links in my career portfolio.


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