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Globally a number of companies have resorted to hiring workers on temporary basis because of various advantages associated with this approach. However, there are some disadvantages to the temp-to-perm policy that are worth considering. To start with, the new workers should get proper training, especially if the previous team has not met the goals. In this case, there are resources that must be put into the process of providing the employee with the necessary skills to meet the business’ goals. As a result, time is spent to enable these people to perform their tasks effectively. This implies that less time will be dedicated to the job than expected. At the end, the task may not be completed fully and on time. Another limitation is the safety of the worker. Considering that hazards occur in various workplaces, it is important for all employees to understand the precautions needed in every environment. Studies have shown that the increased rates and frequencies of injuries that occur at jobs are associated with temporary employment. The new workers may claim that they have experience in the field. Nevertheless, the manager has to ensure that dangerous jobs are handled safely. Subsequently, the employer must dedicate his time to supervise the work before letting the temps work on their own. In order to enhance the morale of the employees, they must have good relationships with their bosses. This may not be the case, especially when they work together with permanent workers, who receive high salaries and enjoy additional benefits from the same company. Problems will arise as the temporary staffs will complain about the benefits offered to their permanent colleagues. Settling such conflicts is likely to affect the overall growth and performance of the business. Moreover, there are legal issues that will also have some effect on the business. Recently court decisions have favored temporary subordinates stating that they also require respect. Therefore, firms must pay special attention to how they treat their workers.

There are benefits of working as a part-time employee for every job seeker. For instance, I can explore different careers in various companies at the same time. In this case, learning takes place wherever I participate. Although there is no specialization when I register with a temp agency, trying various jobs each month is a good option for me. It enables me to interact with different managers and understand their goals. If the manager appreciates my services, he may offer me a permanent opportunity to work in the company. In the process of shifting jobs I may find out my interests and develop them. As a job hunter, I become skillful and competitive in the job market. With a good resume I have a chance of getting hired to work with a responsible businesses as well. On the other hand, my job may just get terminated abruptly. Once I accept a temporary task, I may not be able to plan for my future. In this case, it becomes hard for me to save for the future. After signing a contract I accept a calculated risk, because the circumstances may change. For example, the contract may get cancelled, the management of the firm may change, or market trends may fluctuate. When I hop from one organization to another, luck may not be on my side as I get a task that does not please me. This means that I have to endure the prevailing conditions to earn a living. Some situations are very demoralizing. Another thing that also worries me is that I will not receive quality benefits as a full-time employee. As a temp-to perm worker, I would work hard to build my reputation with the hope of getting a permanent position. However, the manger may not consider my efforts at all. Permanent employees enjoy health insurance, borrow loan, as well as other benefits. Even though we work for same period, I do not get these benefits after signing the contract. Part-time workers do not have free time to get the pleasure from their wages, because they are usually occupied. This implies that I must look for other job opportunities to cover in case I lose the current job. I have to look for vacancies and contact various human resource managers to remind them about my status. I can be pleased to take a temp-to perm position in a corporation, if I am promised to receive a chance to work permanently with them after some time.

There is a number of challenges that a manager faces when handling a mixture of temporary and permanent workers. The temporary employees lack commitment in whatever they perform, since they are likely to suddenly lose the job. The do not always consider the core principles of the business, because they have nothing to lose if the company collapses. As a result, stable employees have to dedicate their time and cover up for their colleagues. This means that the business will probably not generate enough income to cover all the expenses. Subsequently, the organization is likely to experience financial losses. However, the manager may decide to employ the workers according to the temp-to-perm policy. As a result, the employees will always work hard with a mentality of being offered a permanent job in the future. In this case, the managers deal with the issue of having to supervise the temporary workers. Such employees will be unlikely to disappoint the firm, because they have to build their reputation. Since the services of temp employees are relatively more economical than having permanent laborers, the firm saves money. This applies when the tasks do not last more than six months. Some of these temporary subordinates are highly skilled and may help in tackling projects in a short time period.


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