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In the modern trends of reality television shows, food programs took center stage amongst the most ironical shows. In fact, most food programming is set at time when most families are having dinner. Thus, there is hardly anyone following the menu to a practical level. Furthermore, no one regards the dinner a match or better than what they have on the dinner table. Most viewers take food programming as a part of the greater entertainment. Arguably, most people find food programming embellished to such an extent that it does not reflect modern life. For instance, some gigantic version of daily meals with some super-sized cookery is not relevant to the majority of viewers. There is little content to relate to from an entire episode given that most people are likely to prepare special meals quite rarely on exceptional occasions. Thus, no substantial knowledge is acquired from watching most food programs aired on television channels.

For instance, the advent of Delia food programming brought insights into simple food preparation to complex meals such as Christmas dinner. However, food programming has evolved since then and most shows have turned to exceptionally battered absolute cookery course. Therefore, watching Delia could lead to gaining of credible know how in preparing fantastic fast food hence promoting sales. Although, some entertainment during the programming would be a good thing, it is should not be overemphasized like it is on modern food programming. Food programming ought to be informative and provide an inspiration to make the viewers curious about the food they consume. In essence, most food programming shows concentrate on rather “heavy” lifestyle that entails competition of elements. Some seem to favor sharing of personal life at the expense of cookery whereas others emphasize more on format at the expense of recipe. Nevertheless, it is still possible to integrate entertainment and education in food programming.


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In comparison to Delia, Jamie Oliver’s food TV show also habitually known as “Food Revolution” has fair lessons on how to prepare delicious food within a short duration of time especially for evening meals. These lessons are perhaps masterclasses which help to achieve the goal of putting a meal notably quickly without much bothering. Nonetheless, they are entertaining simply because the host, Jamie Oliver, is quite personable and essentially instructive with great enthusiasm. The main challenge for viewers of “Food Revolution” is the adept skill of preparing the meals with such swiftness as Jamie Oliver does. In fact, one has to refer to the recipe quite often to achieve what “Food Revolution” portrays. Thus, the average viewer would rather watch a step by step, instructional food programming that equips one with real time kitchen skills. Overall, a food program, which is scintillating, does not rule it out as being informative as well. However, it is considerable to appreciate that television adjusted quick fast towards glamour and is quite far from teaching viewers on how to effectively prepare meals that might be practicable for us to prepare. In fact, it would be great for food programming series to use podcasts and bring closer to the viewer instructional recipes on the internet; where it is appreciably more accessible.

Food programming accomplishes an essential presentation of recipes in a decent way although this is dependent on the presenter. However, instances of escapism are evident and make up part of the attraction to a food program. Subsequently, this leads to shift of focus from food preparation to less significant details. Thus, it is fundamental for a food program to balance between food preparation details and entertainment to captivate the viewer and underline the most relevant details for food programming to be valuable to the viewers.


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