Free «The Current Immigration Legislation» Essay Sample

Question 1

The current immigration legislation in most countries is characterized as strict. The law is getting stricter to avoid the influx of illegal immigrants into a country. However, several detriments are the result of this, especially when it comes to the project management. For instance, denial of work permit on basis of citizenship will pose a great threat to various types of projects. Quantitative methods that can be used to address this risk include: triangulation and statistical data analysis.

Question 2

In order to determine qualitative information required, a researcher is advised to consider the nature of data required and whether it would make sense for the research. With this in mind, it would be important to find out the risks of the law through questionnaires and interviews. I would also want to find out the reason behind the identification of the risks and what people think should be done to address the risks.

Question 3

Project management toolsare utilized in order to make work easier and also enable a harmonious flow of activities. In most cases, they help in prior identification of risks and it is thus easy to manage them. A Critical Path Analysis is one of the most effective tools for general risk management in any project. Being linear, it is easy to comprehend and utilize. Just by looking at the linear alignment of tasks, one can easily identify the risks. To this end, prior arrangements can be made in an effort to handle the risks.


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