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Introducing a recycling program is one of the best ways to improve the condition of the working environment in schools. Care2 (2012) says that the first step to introducing the recycling program is contacting the school’s trash collector or find out the best local recycle collection service. Once identified, recycle plant will provide the school management with the crucial information on what materials, from the school, are recyclable, the cost of doing it, how to separate the items and the pick-up schedule. The next step is to plan how to conduct it; This involves choosing what items should be recycled, number of recycling bins to be used and where to locate them. Also, the responsible authority should raise the funds needed to purchase the bins and cater for the other requirements.

Once planned, the school administration should implement it. They should make sure that all the people in the school participate. The bins should be labeled appropriately and placed in convenient locations to ease participation. In addition, they should advertise it by placing signs near the trash cans and bins, write about it in the school newspaper and create recycling contests for the students. An article by Benefits-of recycling (2010) presents the benefits of recycling. These include: saving energy, save the earth, it helps schools save money and helps prevent global warming.

At first, I did not think recycling can really work out in a school, but after reading several articles about it, I am more enlightened. I now believe it is a realistic alternative for improving the school’s environment cleanliness and sanitation. I thought that disposing the waste by burning it often would solve the problem. However, the recycling program will help the school get rid of waste and also earn from the recyclable waste (CalRecycle, 2012). Though it takes some effort to get the recycling program going, a good recycling program cannot disappear. It can only benefit the school and the earth for many years to come.


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