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The process of management activities are related with the purchase and sale decisions specifically of products or services that gives maximum satisfaction to the customers. It includes advertising the products by Slogans, packaging design, celebrity endorsements and media exposure etc. people who work in the marketing department trying to capture new customers while remembering the old ones as far as target audience is concerned.


The process of Product or business activities, which can be done by many activities, specifically by print media like flyers, magazine and newspaper and through electronic media as well, is called advertisement.

Google Wants To Dominate Display Advertising

Google which is the world largest search engine is growing and expanding in the industry day by day. Google worked exceptional well last year to develop the products of display advertising, in order to get sufficient advantage from the market and keep their roots strong in the industry. The recent act of compelling initiated by Google as far as displaying their advertisement was full of complications and confusions.



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At another hand, Google thought and agreed that $20 billion of investment was not enough to develop the marketing and displaying the advertisement as it should be, hence it should be grew accordingly. The company’s executives gathered to explain the aggressive investment strategy of Google in the market of display advertising (John & Robert, p.56).

By designing & constructing the process of search advertising & increasing the revenues, Google gained its reputation and become popular further in the industry, which exactly the company wants to deal with display advertising.

According to the Google’s vice president, Mr. Neal Mohan the display advertising is now at the top of point. He further said the market is now at a point where it is going to start giving the real time revenues. As he also said that Google is aroused because they believe that the revenue can be quite bigger.

Display advertisement could be a great sign of increasing efficiency from the viewpoint of organizations. According to Google, 28 percent of media consumed administrative expense in display advertisement market. Mr. Mohan pointed out old-fashioned method to purchase television advertising wasting only 2% of the U.S. dollar.

The vice president of Google global media President Henrique de Castro said the search already has a huge growth that can be target advertisers and publishers everywhere anywhere. He said we can enter in every saturated and unsaturated market by considering our line of business.

Henrique de Castro observations about small media companies

(Such as my space, for example) walk with difficulty limitations in its internal sales team, when they aimed to break into new markets. Google is able to use the capital of funds to assist and get a good start in a new display advertising products. Google may use the resources and tools to help and take a good start in the new advertising products display. Further he said in next four years Google and other advertisement companies can grow their sales from $20 billion to $40 billion after 4 years.

According to the Barry Salzman (Managing director of media and platforms in Americas) display advertisement plays a vital role in most the parts of Google businesses, hence it should be continue to keep the exceptional growth in further years as well.


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