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Free «Planning and Managing Creative Strategy» Essay Sample

The main issue is to prepare an advertisement campaign on the issue of stopping smoking.

The objectives

The fundamental objective is to create awareness that smoking is the main reason of lung cancer and several other maladies. However, the main objective is to make smokers aware that even if they do not care of their own health, they should at least care for the health of their loved ones because passive smoking has similar health hazard as direct smoking.

The target market

The target market is the population of smokers who have no intentions to quit smoking in spite of all the campaigns on health hazard.

Positioning strategy

The main positioning strategy of the campaign is to place it in a favorable position by making it into an audio visual presentation on television and creating awareness by playing it during primetime when all the family members are able to watch television. 

Type of creative strategy

The campaign video will show a Texan cowboy riding a horse (exactly like the Marlboro Man) in the middle of a desert smoking his cigarette. He camps in the evening. He then lights a fire to make coffee. He lights up another cigarette from a burning twig of his campfire. He starts smoking. The horse is strolling nearby. Night falls and everything is dark. We can only hear the sound of coughing. Next day, we see the cowboy walking away towards the horizon smoking his cigarette and the horse is lying dead near the deserted night camp. Text appears – Passive Smoking Kills.



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Selling premise

The main selling premise is to make smokers understand the value of life of the loved ones. It is to create a phobia about loosing the near and dear ones because of smoking.  

Execution suggestions

The main approach of conveying such serious issue of health should be blended with a touch of humor because a bit of wit in the promotion will make the campaign easier to penetrate. Thus, the audio of the clip should contain comparatively funny tracks. This is an essential component of the promotional strategy. 


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