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Organizations have been made to increase the equity relates to the shareholders as well as the net income (Hussey, 1998). There are certain strategies which have been taken into considerations by the organizations in order to do the same (Hubert, 2005). Strategies are the heart of organizations and without the utilization of effective strategies; no organization can accelerate the pace of its earning (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

In order to be edgy, organizations have to equip them in a manner that their strategies would be implemented and utilized in a best possible way (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Organizations encounter with lots of problems and issues during their corporate moves and it is extremely important for them to overcome all of the problems instantaneously. There are different analytical procedures and methods which have been taken into consideration by the organizations in order to increase its shareholder’s equity (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Among different types of analysis, which an organization do in order to analyze the loopholes, strategic analysis is one of them which has its own recognition and importance.



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The main perspective of this assignment is to strategically analyze an organization. There are different methods and procedures have been taken into account to do the same. The organization which has been chosen for this assignment is Grand Metropolitan. From the entire work, it is found that the company is in a good position as far as increasing the revenue with different provisions and by taking into account different things in total.  

Grand Metropolitan: A Brief Overview

Grand Metropolitan was basically a property conglomerate headquarters in England. The company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and also a regular constitute of FTSE-100 Index. This particular business commenced its operations in the year 1934 from a small hotel based business and expanded wonderfully well.

The company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) but later on, due to its economic power and high potential, it comes under FTSE-100.

SWOT Analysis of Grand Metropolitan    

SWOT is one of the widely used analytical tools used to analyze the loopholes of an organization (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The acronym of SWOT is, Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat analysis.

Strength of Grand Metropolitan

One of the biggest strength of Grand Metropolitan is that the brand of the company is quite renowned in entire world. Merely due to this particular strength, the company is able to launch new products or services in almost every market of the world (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The financial as well as strategic health of the company is good; therefore the company can expand its network in almost every country.

One of the biggest strengths of Grand Metropolitan is the association of economical and user friendly stance with their services. 

Weakness of Grand Metropolitan

There are some services which the companies recently launched are higher in price. Other peer companies operating in the same region deal in similar services and but in lesser amount (Mary & Joseph, 2009). One of the biggest weaknesses of Grand Metropolitan is fewer amounts of service franchise based offices in different countries. It is extremely important from the viewpoint of the company to open new franchises and service centers in different countries of the world in order to get their products renowned in every part of the world with efficacy (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

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Opportunities of Grand Metropolitan

The world is not enough and not at all from the standpoint of retail industry (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Globalization in the world opened many ways in doing business as a whole. In order to cope up with the escalating information based products demand, the company is launching credible and reliable services (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The entire world is moving with a robust pace which is yet another escalating and powerful opportunity for the company as a whole, which will certainly leads towards a high economic growth.

Threats for Grand Metropolitan

It is an obvious fact that, whenever a company starts to cripple up the stairs of economic prosperity, it would be influenced by external threats and competitors (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Grand Metropolitan, once among those companies that least effected from the external competitors, but now there are number of competitors which are increasing for the company that may influence on the net productivity of the company as a whole (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Apart from that, external pressure like economic crisis is yet another threat for the company that may endangers the situation of the company in near future.

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PESTLE Analysis of Grand Metropolitan

Apart from SWOT, there is another type of analysis with the name of PESTLE analysis. The acronym of PESTLE is Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. All of the elements are wonderful to analyze the company from different angles.

Political Factors for Grand Metropolitan

As discussed earlier that, Grand Metropolitan is the company which has its headquartering located in England which is one of the politically stabilize countries of the world (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The political situation of UK is quite good and it could be reflect from the situation of the company as a whole. The company has some sort of inner politics in different department that may hurt the company in the long run (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

Political situation can hit the company while operating and entering into under developed countries like Pakistan and India. Though, the company has its active operation in both of these countries but it is not possible for it to further enhance its functions in this particular region more. Political actors adheres with other countries may affect the country as a whole and Grand Metropolitan has to get ready for it.

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Economical Factors for Grand Metropolitan

Inevitably, political situation and political stability has a strong relationship with both short and long term economical situation of c company. Grand Metropolitan is one of those real estate companies which has a high relationship and influence of political situation on its economical conditions. The economical situation of about every country is not in a good stage and it will certainly reflect on the economical situation of Grand Metropolitan.

Social Factors for Grand Metropolitan

Social factors, likewise political and economical factor are extremely important from the viewpoint of an organization. The social values of the company lie in the customer satisfaction. The company is performing its duty effectively and ethically to provide products with wonderful quality to its end users (Mary & Joseph, 2009). In order to attain the socialism from the society, the organization has to think about launching economical efficient products especially for the low income category.

Technological factors with Grand Metropolitan

Grand Metropolitan is one of the fastest growing companies of the world which has its recognition in the world. The company is excellent in terms of technology and it is the first company which has the accolade to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and software (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The company is reliable and very much with the technological stance which would be quite beneficial for them in future.

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Grand Metropolitan is one of those companies which have a considerable recognition towards complying with the legal things and standards. The company never indulges in any sort of scams and effectively complying with all the legal and government based standards and regulations (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

Environmental Factors

Global earth warming and high amount of natural disasters increased the pressure of environmental problems in different countries (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The company arranged different awareness programs for the people merely in order to support the environment.

Corporate Strategy Analysis Horizontal Integration of Grand Metropolitan

Described in microeconomics and strategic management, ownership and control of a type of horizontal integration, this is a strategic enterprise or company looking to sell one type of product in numerous markets. The laterally integrated marketing is more common vertical integration of production. Horizontal integration of corporate takeover or merger, which is another company in the same industry, the merger of the company at the same stage of production, such as occurs with other car manufacturers, car manufacturers merged. In this case, the two companies are in the same stage of production, and in the same industry.

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Grand Metropolitan use two different horizontal strategies to capture the market as a whole and the names of the such strategies are Marketing Mix Analysis and Internal Analysis. Unfortunately, there is no single definition of the term marketing is there as every author has had defined this concept in somewhat different manner (Mary & Joseph, 2009). According to the most common view, marketing is basically a function cum strategy used by the companies to make their product promote in the market (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Inevitably, the essence of marketing is quite important from the viewpoint of a company as it deals with the flow of funds for the company as a whole.

Marketing strategy is basically a function, in fact the most important function lies in the field of marketing literature as it analyzes different strategies which an organization is adopting and should be adopting in order to promote their products (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

Marketing strategy which also known as 4Ps of marketing/marketing mix is one of the most important strategies used by the companies make their presence available in a market (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Usually new companies used this particular strategy in order to enter and flourish in a particular market.

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Marketing mix is basically a business based model or tool used in the literature of marketing merely to determine the offering of a brand or a product (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Neil Borden was the one who founded this particular tool and found that this particular tool is the most sophisticated one as far as increasing the recognition of a new product in a new market (Michael, 1999). This particular strategy depends upon four different things, specifically known as 4Ps of marketing which particularly are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The entire mode of marketing mix has been using effectively in the entire world and it has been implemented by big multinational companies as well like Proctor & Gamble (P&G), Unilever and many more (Michael, 2000).

Lots of criticize have been bought in the utilization of this particular strategy, but different authors totally backed the utilization of this (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Philip Kotler wrote in his book, that “there is nothing, except a perfect mix model that can accelerate the pace of earning of a company in a new market” (Mary & Joseph, 2009). The concept of Philip Kotler has been analyzed and backed by many of the author’s world wide. That is the main thing, why this particular strategy has been used with different names in the entire field of marketing like 7Ps of marketing and 7Cs of marketing as well. Grand Metropolitan uses the same in order to flourish in a new market. The second strategy uses by the company is Internal Analysis.

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An organization surrounds by both internal and external pressure and things in total (Mary & Joseph, 2009). It is more than important from the viewpoint of a company to mitigate both types of issues in order to evident the growth perfectly. Internal analysis is a strategy cum tool to analyze the internal pressures faces by an organization (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

Usually strategic analysis has this type of analysis under its head. SWOT analysis is one of widely used strategic management tools used to analyze the working and operations of an entity from both internal and external angles (Mary & Joseph, 2009). Internal analysis looks into the strength and weakness analysis of a particular company as opportunities and threats are a part of external based analysis. Most of the organizations used this particular tool to analyze the internal loopholes of their companies which then be used to make the strategies in overcoming all of them (Mary & Joseph, 2009).

There are number of authors, who said that utilization of this particular method or tool to analyze the internal based loopholes of a company is totally a waste, while are others as well which appreciates the idea of using this particular analytical tool in total (Mary & Joseph, 2009). If cortically analyze the method, it could be found that utilization of this particular tool would certainly open new ways of thinking of an organization especially for those organizations which are about to launch their operations in a new country.


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