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These essays are about real life situations, our lives are affected by other people despite our strengths and weaknesses. The first essay illustrates the need for others in our lives. It is clear that beyond our great strengths we all need others at our weakest moments. The writer never thought that she could need anyone in her life since her husband was there for her. It is upon her husband’s death that she discovered the powerful strength of having other people around her.

The second essay explores the need to rely on each other; this is despite the fact that the individuals are strangers. The essay deeply insists on the need to trust each other for a common goal. The third essay is all about the physical presence for other people during difficult situations. As illustrated in the essay being there for others physically provides healing for the affected.

The essay insists on the presence of a person rather than actions that suggest that a person is acting in support of a situation to bring healing. The fourth essay is based on the need to do well to others despite our religion backgrounds. The writer insists that service to others is the best thing human beings can offer rather than do things for their own gain. The essay highlights on the need for empathy, creativity, compassion and being charitable to others.


The four readings connect on each other due to their themes. The first theme is basically on service to other people. Every person needs other people’s service knowingly or unknowingly. It is a fact that every person needs others for great achievements. Another theme realized through the readings is trust; the four readings connect individuals through trust despite people being strangers.

As illustrated trust goes beyond an individual, a person trusts that others are doing the right thing to meet the required expectations. From these readings, trust builds good interrelationships in the community. It is evident from these readings that financial support is less important in emotional hurting situations. Physical presence is a powerful tool that individuals who are hurting need rather than financial contributions. For instance an individual with a huge hospital bill would need comfort from individuals, before any financial contribution is made. This is because of the emotions involved. All in all human beings are brought together by their compassion towards each other, moral values and a common purpose.


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