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Robinson criticizes the military campaign in Afghanistan. The purpose of US’s intrusion to Afghanistan was to promote peace and stop the notorious Taliban insurgents from continuing their killings of the innocent innocents. The Taliban group has been disrespectful to the Afghan government and has been responsible for the current instability in the country. As a result, the US resorted to sending its troops in the country in a bid to restore sanity and establish a stable government. However, there has been an outcry recently by Americans urging the US government to withdraw their troops and stop the war since it is now been deemed to be destructive. Robinson argues that the troops have been accused of killing so many civilians and its relevance in facilitating stability in Afghanistan has been questioned.

According to Robinson, the US should pull out of the war immediately since its involvement has been claimed to add more problems than it has been able to solve. Basically, the troops are supposed to leave Afghanistan by year 2014 but opinion polls show that majority of the Americans wish that the troops are taken out right away. The purpose of the US involvement in the war was to protect the Afghans and restore stability in the country. However, Robinson likens the U.S. military with the Taliban group in the case of civilian killings. For instance, Robinson argues that a US soldier is accused of a mass execution whereby he went door to door killing innocent civilians and above all assembled the bodies together and burnt them. This is the strongest point of Robinsons argument and I think it is strong enough to warrant consideration. However, US authorities are said to have denied that the action by the soldier was part of the military’s agenda. The Taliban group also decried the actions stating that it was so shameful for the US to be involved in those cases of killing the innocent and hapless Afghans instead of protecting them. This, according to Robinson’s argument, has raised many questions on the relevance of the US troops in Afghanistan since instead of enhancing peace and protection to the citizens, they have engaged in killing them and causing them a day to day scare.

Robinson also highlights that the military has committed so many activities that have been annoying to the Afghans. For instance, the troops are claimed to have burnt Korans and killed children and women. The act of burning Korans has been so devastating to the Afghans who are mostly Muslims. Muslims are known to uphold their beliefs and traditions vehemently and therefore disrespecting the Koran which is their holy book is usually uncalled for. The act of burning Korans led to a fierce response by the Afghan citizens criticizing the US military and it led to the US president Barrack Obama having to apologize to them. Therefore, the Afghans can no longer believe in the US military intervention to settle their highly disputed country. Civilians are urging them to withdraw from the country and let them resolve their own problems independently. This point by Robinson for opposing the Afghan military campaign is very effective since the actions of the soldiers are provoking insurgent activities. It is to be noted that the insurgents would rely on simple acts against their religions to commit terror acts against the U.S.

The argument by Robinson in this article has startled me in regard to the shocking manner in which the military campaign has derailed. In my opinion, the Afghans have lost their trust on the US military’s ability to help in stabilizing the country. Due to the unfortunate turn of events, that is, the military committing atrocities against the Afghan people rather than protecting them, I think Robinson is justified to call for the troop’s pullout. Surveys have indicated that most of the Afghans want the US troops to leave their country and want their army to get trained so that it can be able to protect the country sufficiently. Additionally, Americans also believe that their military’s involvement in the war with the Taliban rebels is not worth the blood of innocent civilians that has been shed over the time it has been deployed in the Arabian country. Opinion polls show that majority of them want the military to withdraw with immediate effect and let Afghans settle their issues alone and at the same time help rebuild the US’s tarnishing reputation. Moreover, there is no need to continue occupying the country when all parties are against their operations.

Though I believe that the Afghan government will have it rough dealing with the Taliban insurgents, with the current protests from both the Afghans and Americans maintaining that the US military officials withdraw the Afghanistan occupation, there is no other alternative but to quit. Since they are officially supposed to leave by 2014, they should in the meantime change the way in which they handle their activities. Some officials in the US federal government maintain that withdrawing from the country is a way of risking the lives of the young Afghans wondering how the Afghan government will deal with the Taliban threat so challenging to even the US military.

Ideally, the US government should try to change their strategy in how they undertake their operation in Afghanistan to make sure they do not injure or kill civilians and act in a transparent way which is appealing to all the involved parties. Since it is only two years remaining before they end their mission, they have to ensure that all their objectives are met such as establishing a stable Afghan government. Instead of killing innocent people, they should help in training the Afghan army to ensure that it can sufficiently handle the Taliban. This can only be the best way to settle Afghanistan since the country is not just a battlefield but the home of the Taliban group. Therefore, if they only kill civilians and fail to combat the militants effectively it will only add up to more problems once their time to withdraw arrives. If the US military cannot change its strategy, then it should simply succumb to the immediate withdrawal outcries and leave Afghans to settle their own problems. The article by Robinson gives a clear picture of how the US military is undertaking its war in Afghanistan insufficiently thus indicating the need to change tact or withdraw immediately.


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