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Having participated by sponsoring Mickey in the annual competition whose main objective was to select a Favourite Constumed Character, we dearly appreciate your positive effort to be part of this process.

However we regrettably inform you that your candidate Mickey emerged THIRD after Big Bird who is not one our clients and was runner’s up. This is because the competition was absolutely open to any costumed character. Above the second best was Sparty; one of our clients who actually won the 2013 competition and henceforth will be entitled to all the benefits and responsibilities of being the World’s Favorite Constumed Character.

In addition to the above, we are pleased to inform you that Mickey’s performance was not actually below our standards. All that we were really looking for was a character who would enable us pass the message with clarity. Therefore enclosed we have included relevant documents that express your candidate’s strength as well as the short comings that made him be ranked third position.

I therefore believe that if all those issues listed are carefully looked into are necessary rectified, I promise you that in any subsequent activity that we shall host, Mickey shall without any doubt emerge the best.

Otherwise this is not the end of everything and therefore we wish you the best in your endeavors as you prepare for subsequent competitions, events and activities which shall fall under our mandate and relevant dockets. Moreover it’s our plea that you don’t feel discouraged.


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